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Impact Party senators will chair all UF Senate’s committees, including the budget committee, which allocates about $20 million to student organizations.

Emily Dunson was elected to the budget committee chair, Trevor Pope was elected to allocations committee chair, Nick Adams for judiciary committee chair, and Audra Weeks was elected for the information and communication committee chair during Tuesday night’s Senate meeting. Amanda Holloway was re-elected as the rules and ethics committee chair.

Adams said as judiciary chairman, he wants to better communicate with the authors of constitutions and create a code book for them.

“If we detail that process, students will be more encouraged,” Adams said.

For the budget committee, Impact senators Sarah Abraham (Business Administration), Cooper Brown (Freshman), Tyson Dunn (Springs) and Will Sandifer (Sophomore) were voted into the committee. Inspire senators opposed these nominations for seats on the budget committee. The committee will start hearings student organizations’ request for funding Friday.

“They’re qualified, knowledgeable of the 800 codes and have experience in their time at UF and outside of their time at UF,” Dunson said.

During a pro and con debate before the members were elected, the party had concerns with the members’ knowledge of the 800 codes, the codes that govern the finance law of the budget committee.

“I would be less upset if there weren’t more qualified candidates who applied,” Minority Party Leader Nathan Morse said. “We must be able to come together and make unbiased decisions as a group.”

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