A Gainesville woman, who police found lying on the sidewalk with empty wine bottles, was arrested Saturday for hitting two people with her car, Gainesville Police said.

Alexandra CJ Bellis, 24, was seen by witnesses near 4222 NW 16th Blvd. at about 2 p.m. sitting in the driver’s seat of her car, kicking the front windshield, according to an arrest report. The witnesses approached Bellis’ car to make sure she was OK and noticed Bellis’ seat belt was wrapped around her body and through her legs.

One of the witnesses, an alcohol and drug therapist who is trained to recognize signals of impairment, said Bellis was sweating profusely and her eyes kept rolling back into her head. After speaking to Bellis, the witness believed she was under the influence of something, according to the report.

Witnesses tried to reason with Bellis and told police they were concerned Bellis could hurt herself and others, according to the report.

Bellis got out of her car and left it in gear. One of the witnesses went into the car, put it in park and took Bellis’ keys, according to the report.

Bellis became irate and began yelling when she found out police were called, according to the report. She took her keys back, got into her car and started it.

Bellis put the car in reverse and slammed on the gas pedal, knocking over two people who were standing in the open driver’s door, according to the report.

One victim was knocked down by the door and dragged for about 15 feet, causing severe road rash to her right arm, police said. The second victim was also hit by the door but was able to keep her footing and only suffered a sprained ankle.

When Bellis put her car into drive, one of the witnesses was able to pull the victims out of her way and into safety, according to the report.

Witnesses gave responding officers a description of Bellis and her car.

A police officer found Bellis near 900 NW 55th St. lying on the sidewalk with several empty wine bottles next to her. Bellis was taken to North Florida Regional Medical Center’s emergency room, according to the report. Police said one of the people who was hit by Bellis’ car and another witness identified Bellis while she was in the hospital.