UF students use off-campus tutoring services more than on-campus tutoring, according to the 2011 Students' Experience in the Research University, or SERU, survey.

The survey, which gathers information about undergraduate campus life, showed that freshmen, sophomores and juniors go to off-campus tutoring sessions more than on-campus sessions.

Off-campus tutoring was also rated higher than on-campus tutoring for each group.

The survey listed Broward Teaching Center as an example of on-campus tutoring, and TutoringZone was listed as an example of off-campus tutoring.

About 10,000 to 12,000 students use TutoringZone each semester, said TutoringZone Chief Financial Official Paul Hintze, 36.

In the survey, the percentage of students who had used off-campus services was greater than the percentage of students who had used on-campus tutoring by at least 20 percent for each group.

Eighteen-year-old applied physiology and kinesiolgy freshman Lauren Wysocki has used the Broward Teaching Center for help with her chemistry homework. She likes that it is convenient and free for students.

She said a lot of people in Broward Hall use the teaching center, but she feels like other students do not know about it.

Nineteen-year-old advertising sophomore Kristin Bartlett credits TutoringZone with helping her pass her microeconomics class. She has also used Broward Teaching Services.

She said she had trouble getting one-on-one tutoring during exam time at Broward and the tutor she worked with could not explain things more than one way.

Bartlett said she would go back to TutoringZone.

"If you get a really hard question right," Bartlett said, "they chuck candy at your head. It's not a traditional straight learning facility."

Broward Teaching Services declined to comment on the survey.

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