While some students stood in line to buy textbooks or waited for classes to open up on ISIS on Monday, others enjoyed bowling and playing billiards during the first Back to School Bash at the Reitz Union Game Room.

The event lasted from 11 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Students held their cue sticks steady at the billiard tables while bowling balls crashed into pins just a few yards away.

Music blared as game room employee Chris Carrion surveyed the scene.

Carrion, a mathematics junior, has worked in the game room since this summer.

He said he thinks it's cool that students can unwind in the game room if they have a break during the day.

Regular rates in the game room are $3.50 per game per person for bowling and $6 per hour for billiards, but on Monday, students bowled $2 games and played billiards for $3 an hour. Students also competed in a trivia tournament.

Charlotte Dare, manager of the game room, said many similar events are planned for this semester.

"We're ramping it up," Dare said. "We want to have about two events every month."

The next event will be an eight-ball tournament Jan. 21.

Accounting senior Gzhi Xiang was one of the students playing billiards during the event.

He said he likes to play about once a week and relax in the game room between classes.

"Study hard, play hard," he said.

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