The Gator Nation is well known for its rowdy reptiles filling the Swamp to support the orange and blue, but according to The Princeton Review, this may no longer be the case.

In the 2014 edition of “The Best 378 Colleges,” UF comes in at No. 11 in “Students Pack the Stadiums.” Last year, UF was ranked No. 3 on that list.

The No. 1 spot went to the University of Notre Dame, followed by the University of Southern California and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The first SEC school was the University of Missouri, which ranked fifth.

Florida State University scored one higher than UF, taking the No. 10 spot.

The book’s co-author, David Soto, said this review was based on a survey answered by 126,000 students at America’s top 378 colleges.

“Those students went to our online survey and told us about various aspects of campus life including their social life, academics, student life and other important issues on campus,” Soto said. “We use that information to compile our 62 ranking lists — many of which the University of Florida is on this year.”

Tori Petry, a 21-year-old UF telecommunication senior, said she attends every Gators home game but understands why the ranking dropped so dramatically.

“I’m really disappointed in the student body for letting that drop so far,” Petry said, citing the low turnout at last year’s games. “I think our school is prestigious for sports, as well as academics, and we have a long history and tradition of football. There isn’t any reason why we shouldn’t be able to pack out the stadium, regardless of ranking.”

Other students, like Wynston Jenns, a 21-year-old elementary education senior, said she has seen a decline in attendance over the course of her time at UF.

“I think it has to do with expectations of students,” Jenns said. “When our expectations aren’t met, we don’t show up as frequently.”

Soto said the question that determines this ranking is about the popularity of intercollegiate sports on campus.

“We base these on the college experts, and those are currently enrolled UF students, “ Soto said.

Soto said the results are determined by a five-point Likert scale to allow school-to-school comparisons.

Still, the results disappoint some UF students.

“If we weren’t ranked in the top five every weekend, students didn’t think it was worth their time, and I think that’s very poor sportsmanship,” Petry said. “We should be out there to support our boys and appreciate the tradition that is Florida football.”

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I'm a UF student and I didn't even sign up for the lottery this year. For me, it has nothing to do with the quality of our team, it's the quality of the other teams. I'll go to the UF/FSU game this year because it's the only one even worth going to. If we get a better home schedule I'll actually go to games.


I think the fact that all of our home games start at noon has something to do with the decline in attendance by students. Those noon starts are killer and the fact that the stadium won't let us bring water bottles to the student section makes those games really rough.


I agree that the early starts of so many of the games affect attendance. Also, the home schedule has not been that great. The student tickets did sell out for the coming season so maybe more students will attend.


The early games are somewhat new to UF (an entire season of early home games, such as last season.) In my opinion, it probably has something to do with wanting to 'neuter' any 'rowdy reptiles' by giving them less time to drink before the games. I'm not saying that's sound logic since it leaves even more time after the games to get drunk and crash cars, get in fights, bark at police dogs, etc. Another consideration is that people who are dehydrated after being out in the sun and heat all afternoon might be more likely to go on a drinking binge later that day. I would think heat stroke during the game would be as much of a concern as the possibility of (heaven forbid) someone getting a little too drunk during or after the game.

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I'll go to a couple of the big games (tennessee and fsu) --- the other games aren't worth going to -- they usually start at noon--it's too hard to get up after partying hard friday night. I'll watch the games on a 70 inch HD TV back at the apartment with tons of beer, burgers and bourbon!


Stadium lacks adequate handicap seats, parking always a hassle. General public ticket prices outrageously high. Will NEVER go to another game-use the money for things my family needs.

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