The UF-FSU game brought about more arrests and ejections than any other home game so far this season. It also brought some brawls, including a post-game fight involving an FSU fan and his machete.

According to University Police, 162 people were arrested or ejected from the game — 73 more than Arkansas, which logged the second-most arrests. Most of the ejections were for intoxication and use of a false ID. The arrest charges ranged from resisting officers to marijuana possession.

Later in the evening, Gainesville Police arrested an FSU fan after police reported he started a fight at a local bar and eventually charged at the manager with a machete.

Officers charged 37-year-old Brant Wayne Brown, of Belleview, Fla., with aggravated assault, resisting an officer and drug possession, according to an arrest report.

Brown intervened in an argument between a man and woman at EndZone Bar, 1209 W. University Ave., said GPD spokesman Officer Ben Tobias. In an effort to protect the woman, Brown challenged the man to a fight, and several Gators bargoers tried to stop him.

Brown was intoxicated when he invited them into the parking lot to continue fighting, Tobias said. No one followed him except the bar manager, who called police.

Brown went to his truck and brought out a machete, which he used to charge at the manager first and then at the woman from inside the bar, according to the report.

He drove from the restaurant down the alley behind EndZone with his license plate covered by a T-shirt, according to the report.

Brown stopped and got out of his car behind Mother’s Pub and Grill with the machete.

An off-duty officer from Pembroke Pines was nearby wearing an FSU shirt and was able to subdue Brown, Tobias said.

A GPD officer then arrested Brown and found marijuana in his car’s center console, according to the report. When the officer tried to lead Brown into the patrol car, Brown stood straight and refused to get in, saying the officer would have to shoot him dead.

The officer ended up kneeing Brown to get him into the vehicle.

Officers booked Brown into the Alachua County Jail at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday. He was later released at about 4 p.m. Sunday after meeting a $25,000 bond.

A version of this story ran on page 1 on 12/2/2013 under the headline "Season ends on high for arrests, ejections during a home game"

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