Frantic study sessions in Library West might be less stressful with the addition of a school-supply vending machine.

The machine, which sells pens, paper, notecards and blue books, was put on the second floor near a copy machine last week.

As of Tuesday, the supplies machine was not functional. The credit card reader had not been put in yet, said Mike Chambers, a programming assistant for Business Services. He said it will be working by the end of the week.

The machine, funded by the bookstore, takes Gator 1 Cards or credit cards, but not cash, said UF Bookstores director Lynne Vaughan. She said it will be easier to maintain without cash.

Vaughan said Student Government asked for supplies to put a machine near the library about a year ago.

"I'm anxious to see how well it does," Vaughan said.

The vending machine is convenient, said 19-year-old health science freshman Ashley Goez. She said she would use it if she had to go to class and needed a folder, but she wouldn't use it regularly.

"Here, it's a little more expensive than other places, like Walmart," she said.

The prices are higher than at the bookstore to account for taxes, Vaughan said.

She declined to comment on the cost but said the machines are "very expensive." Before the university looks at installing more, she said, the UF Bookstore will determine if it's economically feasible.

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