Instead of making a trip to White Castle, Kal Penn spent his part of his morning at the Reitz Union, encouraging students to vote.

Penn, an actor known for his roles on “House” and in “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle,” spoke to a crowd of about 90 people on the Reitz Union Colonnade Monday morning about the importance of supporting democratic candidates in this week’s election.

Penn shared personal stories of why he is involved in the political process.

“I am involved because I have gay buddies in the military who want to serve openly and freely,” he said. 

Penn urged the crowd that when they vote, they should take five friends with them, and those five friends should take five friends with them, as well.

Even though Penn is registered as an Independent, he believes in supporting President Barack Obama’s agenda.  

“If we want to move the country forward, we have to vote for Democratic candidates,” he said.

Penn reminded the crowd that because of the victory in 2008, comprehensive health care was passed, friends in Iraq started coming home and groundbreaking student loan and financial aid reforms helped make sure students can afford college. 

Kristin Klein, president of UF College Democrats, which hosted the event, said she wants students to know that this election is just as important as two years ago. 

“Let’s make sure the people we believe in get elected.”

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