For the first time, prospective law students will be able to see detailed information about law schools all in one place.

In December, Law School Transparency, a nonprofit organization focused on legal education policy, asked American Bar Association-accredited law schools to send information about their recent graduates' jobs and salaries.

UF already sends these reports to the National Association for Law Placement and the American Bar Association, but those organizations only provide statistics nationally and by state, not individually.

When LST releases that information, prospective law students will be able to compare schools side by side.

"As far as picking your school, those statistics would be extremely helpful," said 24-year-old UF law student Kathryn Barkett.

Pascale Bishop, assistant dean of the law school's Center for Career Development, said UF will submit information about its 2011 graduates in late February or early March. The data for the class of 2010 was submitted in early January.

LST's request for specific data came after complaints and lawsuits from graduates saying their law schools misrepresented online data about employment and salaries after graduation.

UF wasn't among the accused schools.

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