In a college town like Gainesville, there’s a bar on every corner.

But Allen Hessell is convinced he can bring something new to the table.

Hessell is the owner and operator of The Brass Tap and is planning to open his new bar, located at 3833 SW Archer Road, Building B, Monday.

The Brass Tap, a craft-beer franchise that recently merged with Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, has three other locations in Florida.

Hessell said he wanted to be a part of the chain after he went to a franchise exposition.

“The craft beer business is exploding right now,” he said. “I wanted to get in from the beginning because it’s so exciting.”

With about 250 bottles of beer and about 60 different types of draft beer from all over the world in stock, Hessell said his bar will offer the most diverse beer drinking experience in the city.

Matt Martin, bartender and shift manager at the Brass Tap, said the bar’s menu will feature five types of beer from Swamp Head Brewery, as well as wine, cider and cigars.

Martin and Hessell said they both hope their diverse beer will attract customers with a range of beer tastes.

“It’s a place for craft beer drinkers to gather and convene,” Martin said. “There’s a lot to craft-beer drinking, and this is the place to find out about it.”

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