A UF international student is in Shands at UF after being shot by University Police at Corry Village Tuesday at about 9:45 p.m.

UF spokesman Steve Orlando said Kofi Adu-Brempong, a 35-year-old Ghanan Ph.D. student in geography, barricaded himself in his apartment.

Neighbors called police at about 8:17 p.m. after hearing screams coming from the apartment, Orlando said.

The University Police Department went to the apartment and tried negotiating with the student for about an hour, Orlando said.

Adu-Brempong confronted them with a pipe and a knife, Orlando said.

After police tried to subdue Adu-Brempong with a taser and a bean bag round, which delivers non-lethal blows, Adu-Brempong continued to struggle, he said.

Police shot Adu-Brempong at around 9:45 p.m., he said.

Adu-Brempong’s condition was not known at press time, and no other injuries were reported, Orlando said.

Police evacuated about eight to 10 Corry Village residents during the standoff, according to the UF News.

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I suppose leaving him alone was out of the question?


So police shot a guy in his apartment, for not coming out of his apartment? A guy with a pipe and a knife? What ever happened to tear gas anyways???


Apparently they were "concerned for his safety", so they broke into his home and shot him.


Oh, so we're deleting comments?

2nd Amendment




"Don't shoot me, bro !!! "

Ad Astra

While it's always tragic when someone is shot, based on the fairly small amount of information here I don't see what the police did wrong. When there are screams coming from an apartment and the person inside won't open the door, it's reasonable that police would come to ensure that there's no one else in the apartment, and that the person inside is safe. It also sounds like the student attacked the police with two weapons, either of which can inflict fatal wounds. The police tried two separate methods of nonlethal force, including a taser. Assuming they actually hit him with the taser, if he kept coming, that's scary. It's really difficult to overcome a taser. If that sequence of events is what happened, they were 100% justified in using deadly force. Now, who knows exactly what happened, but I think it's a little early to be crying "police brutality". What should they have done, let him come at them with a knife?


According to gainesville.com, "Adu-Brempong is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and five counts of resisting an officer with violence, according to Alachua County court records." So whatever was happening seems to be pretty serious in our eyes as well as in the eyes of the police officers. Being one of Kofi's current students, I never would have expected this to happen to HIM, but then again, that's what everyone says..


I have Kofi right now in his GEA1000 class and this would be the last person I would have expected to do something like this. He's always having a great time in class and is very passionate about what he teaches. It is extremely unfortunate that this had to happen to him. He is here as an international student from Ghana, and maybe the time away has finally gotten to him. He sent out emails to the entire class over the past week speaking of some issues and then this all happened. Hope he figures everything out. I just want to know who will be taking over our class in the future. Get better "son of Africa."


2nd Amendment, are you out of your mind? Are you suggesting the man should have had a gun so he could shoot the cop before the cop could shoot him? That really sounds great. While we're at it, let's just get rid of all laws and have duels whenever we disagree.


I had Kofi for geography last semester. The man is handicapped and can't walk without the help of his cane, when the police claimed that he had a "pipe", I'm sure that was his cane. More importantly, he is about 5'-6" and 150 pounds... Don't think they had to SHOOT him to be safe.


Do we have any idea if there was anyone in the room with him?

The whole story seems rather strange. The Sun has him barricaded in his room, yet he managed to escape a taser. My first instinct was police brutality, but it seems like there must be something more to the story that is being withheld.

It's a shame, though. I sincerely hope Kofi is okay.


I agree with alvarez16, I was near the area and it was swarming with police, How is it that several police officers could not constrain him without shooting him? I am also sure the "pipe" was his walking cane and I highly doubt that with his handicap he could lunge at anyone and cause any serious harm.

No one has considered culture, although international visitors should try to adapt, culture is deeply engrained, in some countries people do not trust the police and when they have an issue they try to solve it on their own. I really doubt Kofi was a threat to himself or anyone else. In any case, the University Police should know they may sometimes have to deal with people from different cultures and should be better prepared for this.


This is the BIGGEST injustice i have ever witnessed at UF. I personally had this man as a Teacher for GEA1000. The biggest point I want to make is that the man WAS STRICKEN WITH POLIO. Honestly, he could hardly walk even with the assistance of a cane. There is no reason what so ever why a handicapped person needed to be shot with a weapon classified as "deadly force". I can see Tazering mabye, but shooting him is overkill.

Isn't it strange that this didn't make front page news on the Alligator? I think UPD screwed up BIG TIME and now they are trying to keep it under wraps so not to cause a storm of negative publicity. Oh ya, and then they claim he came at them with a "pipe" that was probably just his walking cane. They always change around the story to make themselves look better.

Ad Astra

It may well be that the "pipe" was his walking cane, and given your description it seems likely that the Taser missed, because I can't imagine someone like that overcoming Taser incapacitation. That still doesn't explain the knife. I admit, it's a strange story, but people are claiming police brutality on little to no evidence. Do you personally know any police officers? Try spending a day doing what they do, and you might not be so quick to judge. I'm not saying that it's impossible the police shot him unjustifiably, but the prejudice I'm seeing here is just ridiculous.


No one knows what happened yet, so I don't understand why people are speaking as though they have some inside information on a horrific case of police brutality. Maybe it was, but calm down and see what happened first.


Here's an option for a police officer that breaks into someone's home and then finds them wielding a knife: GO OUTSIDE AND CLOSE THE DOOR.

This is completely inexcusable. A trained police officer should be able to make a level-headed decision in a situation like this. Firing a gun not only endangers the life of the man in the apartment, it endangers the lives of his neighbors. I do not feel safe on campus knowing that people like this police officer are walking around with deadly weapons.


No matter what the situation (unless he was armed)... there is no justification for shooting Kofi. I am wishfully hoping that the UPD does there part by firing and charging the trigger-happy pig. I sincerely hope that Kofi wins millions suing the University. He deserves it, and would probably do a lot more good then UF would with it. This makes me sick


Oh, and I can tell you exactly what is going to happen in this case. UPD will have an "investigation", which will be conducted either internally or externally (but either way these investigations will not involve non-law enforcement individuals or groups).

They will wait until the issue has sufficiently blown over (Maybe a politician or professional athlete will cheat on their wife in the mean time), then they will release the findings of their investigation. They will have determined that the officer(s) did not act improperly and can return to active duty. No one will notice.


cops are such scumbags. too bad none of them got shot this time.


This is so sick. I feel it is another case of police brutality. Welcome to the police states of America!


Interesting responses from some of you. I will be the last to put on a tin foil hat for this crazy party, but some of you really have issues.

2nd amendment: Did you even read what you wrote? The US Constitution IS applicable to the states. Those who are not US citizens are not afforded the same rights under the constitution.

It is an unfortunate situation regardless. The lives of several individuals have been changed forever.

For those who are unaware of the process, FDLE will conduct the investigation, and there will most likely be a grand jury deciding if the incident was justified.


Actually, the 2nd Amendment is NOT applicable to the states.

United States v. Cruikshank


Several months ago I helped Mr. Adu-Brempong after he fell near his apartment while carrying groceries (Corry Village does not have a very disability-friendly lanscape). He was clearly struggling with his new environment.

However, it is a tragedy that UF would hire and support an individual who would find justification to discharge an assault rifle into the face of a physically challenged student.


haha, you need to take a look at some more relevant case law. Might I suggest something that is not found on wikipedia. The case law you cite was decided in the late 1870's. Obviously there have been some changes since then. Perhaps US v. Heller???


He. didn't come out. OK. Maybe he thought it was the Lieutenant that got arrested for the FELONIES,plural, the beginning of the year. He hunted someone down that filed a complaint on him , which I must assume was being investigated, and threatened them to drop it. I think threatening a victim/witness is ... AGAINST the law?? The question is what did he do that was soooo bad that he had to threaten someone to drop it? Seems like that investigation is over since he pretty much admitted he did something. Fine job UPD. What else can you hide. NO , I wont answer the door either. I don't want to be stalked, threatened.shot or victimized any other way. My tuition cant pay these types of payoffs. Bernie!! whatcha gonna do when they come for you??


FDLE will do their job, they are more qualified than anyone to make that decision. And they did arrest a UPD Lieutenant back in December, so its safe to say they are not biased toward UPD.


charliefoxtrot, my friend, Heller was about DC, which, last time I checked, wasn't a state but a federal district. Stop talking. Or better yet, go READ Heller.


At least he didn't get tazered! Oh wait, he did...


I guess it's safe to assume that everyone with opinions on this subject was there and present in the room during this incident. Oh, wait, you weren't? You're all spoiled silver spoonies?

Why don't we wait till the facts come out.


I just learned they shot this innocent guy on the head!. I think everyone living on campus should put at least 2 surveillance cameras in there room. That is the only thing that can tell if he actually confronted the police with a knife or a metal beam.

I am sure this might not have happened if he was living off campus with other neighbors who are not international student because you cannot just tell people to evacuate their house for evil reason such as this.

I hope the man recovers as a normal person and not with any further mental disability.


It doesn't take a Santa Fe diploma to know that the UPD couldn't protect and serve their way out of a wet paper bag with a knife and flashlight. Or in this case a shotgun to the head.


Waiting until the facts come out means waiting for the results of the FDLE investigation. FDLE is part of the fraternity, and will do everything in their power to let this whole thing blow over. These officers need to be held accountable for their actions.


We know that he was the only one in the room with the cops right? Evidence suggests that he "charged" the cops, then was shot. Right? Only someone completely lacking common sense would agree that the officers acted in the best manner possible. The student is supposedly around 5'6 150lb, and crippled. How could you justify a head shot from a rifle (the presumed weapon of choice)? These officers are trained to hit targets. So well trained that they pass the test to carry and operate a police firearm. Rigorous training to achieve the best accuracy possible. I can only assume that a headshot from an officer was with intent to kill. The evidence that we do have suggests that it was definitely overkill. Even if he charged with a cane or a rod, do you need to shoot him in the head? Really?

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