The City of Gainesville has joined Los Angeles and other U.S. cities to take a stand against an Arizona immigration law. The law gives police officers the right to stop or arrest anyone in the state who they think may be an illegal immigrant.

During a City Commission meeting Thursday, the commission voted unanimously, with Commissioner Todd Chase absent, to join a legal brief against the state of Arizona and its law targeting immigration.

The case, titled U.S. v. the State of Arizona, will be heard in front of the Supreme Court starting April 25, according to Reuters.

The city’s name will be on a document submitted to the case in support of repealing the law, but the city will not be responsible for any financial or time commitments.

“This is a law that is not humanitarian,” Mayor Craig Lowe said in an interview. “And it is one that will lead to racial profiling.”

The issue at hand is whether Arizona lawmakers have the right to pass a law that would require officers to stop or arrest people based on perceived immigration status.

The federal government, not individual states, has the right to pass immigration laws, said Berta Hernandez-Truyol, a UF law professor and expert in human rights law. However, states can pass laws that deal indirectly with immigration.

Briefs like this one are filed by parties that are not involved in the case but would like to express their support for one side, she said.

“This clearly signals that Gainesville believes we should treat people fairly and not single out a certain population,” Hernandez-Truyol said.

Lowe said he also doesn’t like the fact that the law makes city police officers enforce federal civil law instead of criminal law.

“It puts the police in conflict with local immigrant communities, which undermines their relationship,” Lowe said.

UF law student William Hummel, 24, said he not only supports the human rights standpoint taken by the city, but he also agrees that cities should speak up for themselves.

“If states are going to force local mandates on cities, then cities should express how they feel about this,” Hummel said.

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NoOne gives a Rat's behind What gainsville does.....again Who Cares....???!!!--SCOTUS IS getting ready to have AZ's back & then ILLEGALS Will be sent packing And the Last state to have an Anti-ILLEGAL


NoOne gives a Rat's behind What gainsville does.....again Who Cares....???!!!--SCOTUS IS getting ready to have AZ's back & then ILLEGALS Will be sent packing And the Last state to have an Anti-ILLEGAL bill Will get ALL the messican's....Have FUN with that....!!!!


What are L.A. and Gainesville whining about an Arizona state law for anyhow? It is against federal law to sneak into the country and proceed to squat and filch, and states have been forced to do something about these rotten invaders because the thoroughly corrupt Obama regime refuses to do so. This "racial profiling" crap is a monstrous red herring and always has been. Illegals aren't getting busted because of their "race," but because they are scofflaws. I say build a wall and deport 'em all.


I would like to point out a major error in Adrianna's article above. The Arizona law does not allow police to stop anyone they think is an illegal immigrant. Although the "journalist" that wrote this article would like to spread false information that are in line with her beliefs and best interesu, I believe the public should know the trush about this law and what it actually says. Vs the false inforamtion spewed by many liberal papers, "journalist" and editorial boards.

The Arizona law would require "an officer to make a reasonable attempt to determine the immigration status of a person stopped, detained or arrested if there's reasonable suspicion that person is in the country illegally. This portion also requires law enforcement to check the immigration status of people arrested and hold them indefinitely until the status is determined."

You cannot be randomly stopped in Arizona and deported,Only people lawfully stopped, detained or arrested committing another crime can ahve their immigration status reviewed. In other words, if the law was in effect, if you are pulled over in Arizona, don't speak any english, and don't a valid ID, the police officer will need to determine who you are and run an immigration check.

Unlike the person who wrote the article., I feel everyone should know the actual facts and not biased information.

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