crime tape

Gainesville Police arrested a man Monday night for threatening to throw a large rock at an officer and later threatening a nurse.

Joshua Gillen, 24, was walking down the middle of South Main Street at about 9 p.m. He was allegedly jumping on the hood of several cars that were driving in traffic and tossing a large rock up in the air. Many cars stopped and drove away from him as he walked toward them.

According to the GPD report, the arresting officer approached Gillen in his patrol car, activating the overhead lights. The officer stopped the car and started to get out.


When the officer told him to stop, Gillen quickly turned around and allegedly lifted the rock over and behind his head like he was going to throw it at the officer.

The officer took cover behind the open door. Gillen was reportedly about 15 feet away from him, which caused the officer to worry if Gillen was close enough to hurt him with the rock.

While behind the door of his patrol car, the officer pulled out his Taser. He then approached Gillen and told him to stop and get on the ground. Gillen threw the rock about 20 feet to his right. According to the report, the rock was about 4 to 5 inches in diameter.

Gillen was taken to North Florida Regional Medical Center Freestanding Emergency Room Millhopper to be medically cleared before going to jail. While the nurse was working, Gillen became angry and started yelling profanities.

Gillen allegedly said he was going to return to the hospital the next morning to put his hands on the nurse. He then said he was going to follow the nurse home to find out where he lived.

According to the report, the nurse was afraid of the threat. Witnesses also heard the statements Gillen made to the nurse.

GPD charged Gillen with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and assault on a medical provider. Gillen is currently being held at Alachua County Jail. His bond is set at $25,000.

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