Gator fans can tailgate for a good cause with former UF football players Saturday.

Gamedayr, a collegiate sports website started by a UF graduate, is partnering with the Florida Players Network, an organization of former UF football players, for a fundraiser at noon at 101 Cantina. Some of the proceeds will go to the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation.

Fans can take pictures with former players Chris Doering and A.J. Jones, eat, drink and watch the game, said Ricky Coston, chief communications officer of Gamedayr. Tickets are available online for about $50 and for $75 at the door.

Kyle Newell, secretary and board member of the Florida Players Network, said 40 to 50 former football players are expected to attend. Newell was an offensive lineman for the Gators from 2005 to 2008, according to

The Florida Players Network tries to give back to the community and help former players in need. Not all of them make it to the NFL, Newell said, and some may find themselves in tough situations.

Newell said he’s looking forward to getting a chance “to hang out with the guys.”

“We all kind of have an innate bond, kind of like a brotherhood,” Newell said.