An Impact Party student senator defended her recommendation to a Student Senate committee amid claims of nepotism from other senators Tuesday night.

Senator Ford Dwyer (Access, Law) objected Senator Corben Champoux’s (Impact, Rawlings) nomination during Senate to the budget and allocations committee, claiming some of the other 22 senators who applied were more qualified. The recommendation wasn’t appropriate because she is Senate President Pro Tempore Austin Champoux’s sister, Dwyer argued. She was eventually approved for the position.

Dwyer said even if the siblings’ relationship didn’t affect the nomination, it didn’t appear right for her to receive the position over other senators.

“Not just that you two are related, not just that Senator Champoux is a first-semester freshman, but that (Corben Champoux) only applied for one committee seat,” Dwyer said.

Dwyer said Impact members approached him about the role of nepotism in the decision. Austin Champoux is the chair of the replacement and agenda committee, which recommends senators for positions.

Austin Champoux, a non-voting member of the committee, said he didn’t voice his opinion on his sister while the committee discussed her qualifications.

“When we are in the Senate Chambers, we are senators,” he said.

Senators Zachariah Chou (Independent, Infinity) and Wallace Mazon (Impact, District E) also spoke against the appointment.

Corben Champoux said she has experience as her high school’s student body president and swim team captain.

“I think people can see my credibility and my passion and my knowledge for all of the goals for the budget committee,” she said.

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