We’re sure you’ve heard about Wednesday’s front-page nightmare of a typo — and if you haven’t, we aren’t going to repeat it.

Despite the overwhelming urge to pretend it never happened (or wait for financial aid to pay out and flee the country), the Editorial Board decided the Greek community — and the student body — deserves both an apology and an explanation.

We’re sorry.

As for the explanation, we know most of you won’t believe it, but here it is: Sometime between the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall semester, our computers decided to make our lives a living hell by freezing every time we try to do anything. When we’re typing and the computers freeze, sometimes it takes so long to unfreeze that we completely forget what we were trying to do when it froze. Last night, the Spirits of Alligator Past decided it would be hilarious to drop an anvil on an already strained relationship with Greek Gators and let us replace an innocent word like “hopeful” with one a little less harmless.

But we promise: It was an accident. Trust us — if it hadn’t been us who had made the mistake, we’d never believe that it wasn’t a malicious joke. But if you had seen the looks on our faces or felt how our stomachs dropped when we noticed, you’d know that it was just a mistake — a horrible mistake that has had our entire staff grimacing in pain at every mention of it.

We feel terrible, and we know our technical difficulties aren’t an excuse for carelessness. But we hope that the women of Alpha Epsilon Phi and the rest of the students can forgive us.

And come on, admit it — you laughed.

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It was hilarious!


Although, I don't think "ho" accurately describes them. My description is: Materialistic, LOW CLASS, Emotional time bombs, that wear to much make up and only want to date guys with cars over 50k psychos, and I would rather throw up and eat it before I would date one of them...

Lou Lou

Wait, you took the time to lay out your excuse, a sincere apology and finish with a dismissive final statement? I'm no fan of the Greeks, but I can't believe how this paper operates. Put simply it sucks and I cannot imagine what type of real world skills you are developing there.


I've had to deal with mistakes of my own at the student newspaper I work for in South Florida, but I have to agree with Lou's first sentence. That last line takes all the sincerity out of your apology. I would remove it.

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