I am curious as to why there was no mention in the Alligator of Bernie Machen’s hit-and-run incident and subsequent criminal charges. He received a notice to appear in court on a misdemeanor charge after hitting a parked car and not leaving insurance and contact information as required by law. Something like this is newsworthy, especially given the fact that he refused to admit fault until police got involved and escorted him back to the accident scene.

The charge was eventually dropped after he agreed to pay a fine and restitution to the victim. However this incident should have been reported because it displays the hypocrisy and false sense of entitlement in which the president of the university sees himself. He still has yet to issue an apology or explanation for not upholding himself to the same standards he works so hard to set for everyone else.

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If this is true, it definitely deserves front-page status ASAP. Machengate.




Where did you get your information on this piece? Is it public record? These are serious allegations. Were there actual charges that were later dropped? How did anyone know it really happened? Was this on any local news media? The campus paper, radio, television, The Gainesville Sun, The Voice? When, actually, did this supposedly happen? The public needs more information. Has the Alligator replied to you in any way to this date as to why they didn't print?

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