The Gators may not have made it to the national title game for their 15th opportunity of the season, but Jim McElwain still had a chance to provide input on the national title game.

In the midst of No. 2 Alabama toppling No. 1 Clemson 45-40 on Monday in the College Football Playoff Championship Game, McElwain, along with North Carolina’s Larry Fedora, South Carolina’s Will Muschamp, Pittsburgh’s Pat Narduzzi and USF’s Willie Taggart joined ESPN analysts Brian Griese and Chris Spielman to provide insight on the game from a coach’s standpoint.

It’s an inquisitive idea, an opportunity for people who are into the analytical side of the game (like me) to get a better chance to pick the coaches’ brains from a distance.

And of the five coaches who were in the film room, McElwain was easily at the top of the class.

UF’s first-year head coach handled the TV spot like a pro.

His personality didn’t skip a beat, effectively breaking down the game plans of both the Tigers and the Crimson Tide while incorporating his own terminology to further explain his thoughts.

He was smooth in his approach, no different than he was when he joked with media on a weekly basis, a sign of a potential future job for him if he ever gives up the coaching gig.

But while McElwain (and others) excelled on the show much like he did in his first season with the Gators (well, maybe except for the last three games of the year), the show itself still needs some work if ESPN decides to renew it for next year.

The analysis overall was great, but coaches were repeatedly cut off mid-sentence in transitions to commercials, only to come back from the break as if they had been talking the entire time.

This caused for a lapse in analysis on more than one occasion.

The coaches also seemed to talk over each other at various points, signifying a potential lapse in organization.

They’re simple mistakes that take minor tweaks to fix, but it’s those little things that can make the program so much better in the long run.

All in all, though, Film Room provided college football fans with a unique option for watching the title game that could be a successful viewing option for years to come.

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