Swamp Head Brewery is offering the chance to try a different craft beer every week. The catch? Get there early because they only release 5 gallons.

The seven-year-old company hosts the Ephemeral Release Series, where the public can taste a uniquely crafted beer every Tuesday at The Wetlands from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Customers pay $5 for a take-home pint glass.

Twenty-four-year-old Alex Roe is a third-year student at the Levin College of Law and a Tuesday regular.

"Some of the beers they have on Tuesdays are crazy. You can potentially try a beer that you will never be able to get again," Roe said. "It also doesn’t hurt that there is a tour every Tuesday where you pay five dollars, get a pint glass to take home, a beer to try, and the tour itself."

The event was created a little more than a year ago as an opportunity for people to try new beers made from the brewery’s pilot system, a small brew system which is used to come up with new and innovative recipes.

"We’re toying around with so many different beer styles, so many different unique ingredients that depending on the Tuesday there very well may be something on tap that reaches very far beyond your typical beer drinker," said Brandon Nappy, tactical marketing manager of Swamp Head Brewery.

The ingredients vary from chocolates and fruits to different herbs.

James Gregory Jenkins, the Gainesville area community ambassador for Yelp, can attest to that when he tried Catherine’s Sweetness.

"A beer that tastes like Reese’s Cup is a beer I’ll order anyway," he wrote in an email.