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Friday, December 01, 2023

Raise your hand if life gets you stressed. OK, keep your hand up if you think sex is an awesome stress relief. Good. Now, keep your hand up if sex is occasionally a source of your stress.


We'll wager that you're not being as safe as you should be when you get down and dirty.

Safe sex isn't a joke. It isn't something to practice if you feel like it. And, the repercussions of unsafe sex aren't life-changing consequences that you're immune to. If you can't handle the discussion that follows, then you aren't mature enough to bang.

He says...

Wrap it up. It doesn't matter if they say they're clean. It doesn't matter if they claim to be on birth control. Don't believe them! Fellas, it is never worth the risk to not slap a bag on that thing.

Honestly, how hard is it? It takes 10 seconds to put a condom on. After that, feel free to do whatever (or whomever) you want. There is no sense in risking getting a girl pregnant or living the rest of your life with an STD. Also, if for some reason your partner is offended when you whip out a condom, he or she probably isn't the type of person you want to sleep with anyway.

The scenario may be a little different for those of you in a long-term relationship. The thought of wearing a condom while making love to the girl (or guy) you've been dating for a year might seem a little silly. In that case, both of you need to be certain you are clean. But before you go in guns blazing, make sure you have a reliable form of birth control in place.

And girls, double check that you took your pill that day and be confident in your answer when your man asks if you did. It is an immediate turnoff to any guy if you show the slightest sign of hesitation.

She says...

Two things:

First: Diseases are difficult to talk about but easy to spread. If you want to be safe, have a thorough STD test. You AND your sex partners deserve to know what you're packing.

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Second: Pregnancy. Last time I checked, there's a population problem on this planet, and there's a slew of young and/or single parents who will openly awdmit that raising kids isn't inexpensive or far from easy.

In favor of an abortion? Fine, but don't expect it to be an emotional cakewalk. Opting for adoption? All right, but hang in there when you give the baby away after carrying it for nine months.

Guys, you're part of this equation, too. Be ready to MAN-UP and offer support to your girl.

This unpleasantness can be avoided if you TALK TO YOUR COMPANION and ALWAYS HAVE SEX WITH A CONDOM. Condoms are FREE at the Student Health Care Center, they prevent the spread of many (but not all) diseases and they plummet your risk of pregnancy. Sex isn't as good? You know what's less enjoyable? Peeing pus into a beaker at the doctor's office because your tract itches and burns like hell.

Ladies, I would suggest going on the pill as a backup plan. Not a substitute - a backup plan. It's easy, makes periods more manageable and gives you great skin and boobs. Just saying.

Finally, WALK AWAY from a guy who is unwilling to wear a condom. No one wants a regrettable d-bag in his or her black book.

College is where you play the field. It's the time in your life where you can search around for the guy or girl of your dreams or just the guy or girl for the night. Either way, this may be the best opportunity you'll get to test drive the cars before you buy them.

But as fun as this may be, it can be a dangerous game to play. This goes double for those who insist on being risky and occasionally say "to hell with it" to the protection. Is it ever worth the risk of not using some sort of protection? All it takes is one time. And that one time could last a lifetime.

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