ACSO: Man threatens ex-wife with pistol


A Georgia man allegedly pointed a pistol at his ex-wife when she didn’t let him pick up their daughter, deputies said.

Moses Johnson, 35, of Valdosta, Georgia, drove with his girlfriend to Gainesville to pick up his daughter, according to an Alachua County Sheriff’s Office arrest report. Johnson tried calling his ex-wife multiple times but she did not answer.

When he arrived at her house, he told her he wanted to take his daughter, the report said. She refused.

He then told her he was going to check the mail, and she went with him, the report said. While driving to the mailbox, Johnson stopped the car and went to the trunk.

Johnson returned to the car and his ex-wife thought he got a pistol, the report said. She said he pointed the pistol at her and told her that he was taking their child.

When they got to the mailbox, she got out of the car and ran for help, the report said.

Deputies arrived soon after, the report said. Johnson and his girlfriend told deputies that the pistol was a BB gun and he did not point it at his ex-wife.

The ex-wife told deputies she thought Johnson was going to kill her, the report said.

He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, the report said.

Johnson was released from the Alachua County Jail Saturday on his own recognizance.

He couldn’t be reached for comment.

Katherine Wallace-Fernandez, 20, covers crime and breaking news for The Alligator and is a third year English major from Miami, Fl. She likes avoiding homework, taking naps, playing on her Nintendo Switch and reading.