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Hannah Bauerlein can’t count how many times she has stopped by the Reitz Union Starbucks.

This semester, she’ll have to use another campus location until the Reitz Union Starbucks reopens in February. The location closed for renovation on Dec. 18, with large bold signs informing passerbys of other Starbucks campus locations, like the Hub and Marston Science Library.

UF will pay $270,000 for the renovation construction and design, said UF spokesperson Steve Orlando. The agreement with Aramark, UF’s campus food provider, and Starbucks mandates that the location is renovated every 10 years.

Jill Rodriguez, the marketing program manager for Gator Dining services, wrote in an email that three Starbucks locations have hit their 10th year of operation, including the Hub and the Library West locations, which have been renovated.

Rodriguez said when the new Starbucks opens there will be new cabinetry, finishes and equipment.

“Essentially, a whole new look will debut when the location reopens in February,” she said.

Bauerlein, a 19-year-old UF chemistry sophomore, said she saw the “upcoming construction” warning sign around finals week last semester.

“I was sad because I like this Starbucks,” she said. “It’s just convenient to stop by before classes and sit at one of the tables.”

Amy Jones, a UF anthropology sophomore, said she doesn’t use the Reitz Union Starbucks frequently but occasionally grabs a midday coffee as a pick-me-up.

When she saw the location closed for renovations, Jones said she thought other people would be angry, though she hopes the renovations will speed up service.

“Other Starbucks are going to be overcrowded for a while,” the 20-year-old said. “but it’s going to be really cool when it opens up.”

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