An Inspire Party senator called for a bipartisan effort to reform the Student Government elections codes during a Student Senate meeting Tuesday night.

Sen. Michael Hoffman (Inspire, Hume) told senators he wants SG to send out emails to students prior to SG elections informing them they can submit absentee ballots if they can’t vote on campus.

He said he wants senators from both parties to agree on the initiative since it involves election laws, which he said are fundamental for democracy.

“Whether Gators are on campus or not, they should be able to have a right to vote,” Hoffman said.

Senators also unanimously approved a bill recognizing the need for additional funding for the Counseling and Wellness Center.

Sen. Ben Lima (Inspire, District D) thanked the resolution’s co-sponsors and authors during public debate.

“This is what bipartisanship looks like,” Lima said.

At a recent Senate meeting, Student Body President Smith Meyers said funding for new counselors was not a bipartisan effort, according to Alligator archives.

In a special report, SG Production Chairman Alex DesRosiers told senators this year’s Gator Growl was more efficient than the past.

DesRosiers said artists were booked in July this year, instead of September like last year. The cost of the event was cut from $253,000 last year to $198,000 this year.

“This can’t be an outlier; this needs to be a step in the right direction if the event is to continue in its current capacity,” he said.


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