Professor fired for comments
Timothy Taylor was a UF professor of Food and Resource Economics.

Timothy Taylor, a UF professor of Food and Resource Economics, was fired Friday for making sexually inappropriate and derogatory comments while teaching.

Several of Taylor’s students contacted Lisa House, another professor at The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, in April and said that during case studies on sexual harassment, professor Taylor allegedly “indicated that in some cultures women liked to show their sexuality, dress promiscuously, and wear very revealing clothes,” according to an Investigation Findings report.

Students also alleged that Taylor “looks female students up and down” and once asked a girl to dance to her cell phone ringtone after her phone rang during class.

Taylor has worked at UF since 1980, and witnesses in the report stated that he allegedly said in class that he is a full tenured professor, and he can do whatever he wants.

Although Taylor admitted that he made a comment similar to the harassment accusation, he denied allegations that he looked “female students up and down.”

Taylor had previously been suspended twice for inappropriate behavior and comments to female students.