Alicia Silverstone wants Sen. Barack Obama to be her dad.

"He reminds me of a really amazing father," Silverstone said to nearly 50 Obama supporters and volunteers Saturday. "Who wouldn't want to call him their dad?"

The actress, best known for her roles in "Clueless" and "Batman and Robin," came to Gainesville to host an "Early Voting for Change" event.

Silverstone is touring Florida to promote early voting. Tallahassee was her first stop on the tour.

In Gainesville, her second stop, she also took time to recognize campaign volunteers.

She spent about 10 minutes taking their questions and more than 30 minutes posing for pictures and talking to them one by one at the "Campaign for Change" office.

Although the actress is promoting early voting, she said she has not voted.

"I have about 10 more propositions I want to read more about," she said.

"I guess if you aren't as obsessive about propositions like I am, early voting will work for you."

Silverstone, who is campaigning for a political candidate for the first time, said Obama's refusal to take money from corporations was the main reason she chose to campaign on his behalf.

"When you take money for a campaign, those people are your boss," she said. "Now, we are his boss."

Silverstone, a self-proclaimed "truth-seeker," said that Obama's ability to speak on her level motivated her.

"I understand what he is saying to me. And if I can understand it, anyone can," she said. "He's not trying to sell us ideas. He's being clear."

Her tour includes appearances in Orlando and Tampa. Silverstone will also appear at the University of Miami today for "VoteFest '08" alongside actors Matt Damon and Kerry Washington.

After finishing her tour of Florida, Silverstone said she would return to Los Angeles, where she plans to participate in a phone bank for Obama.