Judging from sales on Student Government and the UF Bookstore's first Textbook Sales Tax Relief Day, some UF students can't seem to resist a good deal.

The bookstore sold roughly 3,500 more books Monday than the first day of school last fall, increasing from 6,379 to 9,950 books, according to a UF Student Government news release.

The one-day 6.25 percent discount, a partnership between the bookstore and SG, was offered on all new and used textbooks at the UF Bookstore Monday.

The event was arranged after the state's annual back-to-school tax-free week was canceled this year.

UF students saved $43,307 due to the discount, according to the release.

Student Body President Kevin Reilly dubbed the event a success.

"That's money that's directly back to the student's pocket, and I think that's a great benefit," Reilly said.