A High Springs woman was arrested Monday after she was accused of poisoning her family dog and plotting to kill her cousin. 

Autumn Chestnut, 22, admitted to police she killed the family dog, a Poodle mix, by salt poisoning, according to a Gainesville Police arrest report. Chestnut also allegedly attempted to kill her cousin with ant spray.

Autumn Chesnut

Autumn Chesnut

She continued to feed the dog salt on Sunday, which ultimately resulted in its organ failure and death, according to the report. She told police she gave the dog salt because she “wanted it to die.” 

Chestnut also told police she tried to crush the dog’s ribs with her hands.

According to the report, Chestnut told authorities she searched Google for “How to poison a dog” and “How to kill a person.” 

Police said Chestnut expressed no remorse or emotion while admitting to poisoning her dog, even when learning of its death.

When the arresting officer asked Chestnut if she had considered killing members of her household, she said she previously attempted to kill her cousin by poisoning them with ant spray, according to the report.

She told authorities her plan ultimately failed, the report stated. However, she explained if given the opportunity to do so, she would spray her cousin with ant spray again.

Chestnut is being held in Alachua County Jail on charges of felony animal cruelty and conspiracy to commit murder. Her bail is set at $100,000.