Students can get a jump-start on their New Years’ resolutions at a new gym location this January. 

Plans to build a new Orangetheory Fitness under The Standard were announced on Aug. 30, said Karen Tumbleson, the owner of both this location and the Orangetheory at Clark Butler Boulevard. They are finishing the permitting process and expect to start construction soon on this full-sized studio, which will have a capacity of 900. The gym will open in January 2020.

“We have a lot of people telling us they couldn't find the time to work out because it’s too far away,” Tumbleson said. “Our current members are very excited about it because it gives them another facility to go to.” 

Gabriela Cruz, a 21-year-old University of South Florida health science senior, said she joined Orangetheory after seeing how much her parents, who are Gainesville residents, enjoyed it. She comes to Gainesville on the weekends and takes classes with her parents at the Clark Butler location.

Though this location in Gainesville is far from her parents' house, the new location will be much more accessible for their family, Cruz said.

“It’s super important to have access to an outlet in which to be active and release stress,” Cruz said. “I think having an Orangetheory location across from campus is going to be super convenient and it’ll increase the likelihood of college students getting into it.”