Presentation relives civil rights memories
Khambria Clarke, left, Candace Ellis, center, and Marna Weston, right, discuss their experiences in Mississippi at the Civic Media Center Wednesday evening.

Khambria Clarke had tears in her eyes as she spoke to the crowd of more than 30 gathered at the Civic Media Center Wednesday night.

Along with two other UF students, Candice Ellis and Marna Weston, she shared her experience traveling through the Mississippi Delta to study the civil rights movement from the people who lived through it.

“We take for granted so much that we have today,” Clarke told the audience. “You don’t think about being treated less than human.”

The students, members of the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program, traveled to Sunflower County in Mississippi in the summer of 2009 to hear the stories of unsung civil rights activists and average residents of the South.

“It’s only been recently that the civil rights history in the delta has been told,” said Paul Ortiz, director of the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program and leader of the trip to the delta.

Oritz and the Oral History Program are planning another trip to the delta this summer.

The presentation showed audio and video clips gathered during the trip, which can be accessed on the oral history program’s Web site.