Members of the Impact Party cheer after hearing the results of the 2018 Spring Student Government election. Impact Party swept the execute ticket and claimed a majority of the 50 Student Senate seats. 

For the third year in a row, Impact Party will have another executive ticket in office.

A total of 10,381 students voted in the Spring 2018 election with 6,484 votes cast on Tuesday, 3,897 votes cast on Wednesday and 25 votes submitted by absentee ballots, Supervisor of Elections Erica Baker wrote in an email. This is an increase of 3,512 votes from Spring 2017, when only 6,869 students voted, according to Alligator archives. 

Ian Green and David Enriquez, Impact Party’s president-elect and vice president-elect won with 5,971 votes, or 59.25 percent of the total, compared to Inspire Party’s candidates, Revel Lubin and Bijal Desai, with 2,715 votes, or 26.94 percent of the total, and Challenge Party’s candidates Janae Moodie and Shayli Patel with 1,312 votes, or 13.02 percent of the total.

This is a developing story. Check back for a full story and a breakdown of election results.