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After Student Government elections, parties and independent candidates submitted their final campaign finance reports Monday.

Impact Party spent $9,387.71 for its campaign, with the help of $6,555.89 in donations, according to the reports. The party’s spending increased by $2,611.61 from Fall 2016’s campaign, according to Alligator archives.

Impact spokesperson Janae Moodie wrote in an email there was a mistake in the reports, and she declined to comment further on Impact’s spending.

“It appears as if the supervisor of elections has made an error when uploading the donor documents,” she said. “He has been notified of the mistake. I don’t have any more information at this time.”

Pulkit Kumar Dhir, the only independent to win a Student Senate seat this semester, said he spent no money campaigning.

“It was mainly just a campaign on Facebook and word of mouth,” said Dhir, now a graduate senator.


Progress Party, which had seven candidates lose, spent $154.73, according to the reports.

“The whole thing about politics, as much as I hate and as much as everyone hates it, it’s fueled by money,” Progress President Casey Witte said.

Witte said costs were split among the candidates, who each paid about $30. Although his party didn’t win seats, he said that compared to their limited resources, he was happy with the votes the candidates received.

The reports were finalized Monday. UF Supervisor of Elections Eric Hobbs said the reports were up to date as of Tuesday.


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