For starters, we'd like to give UF's Human Decency Now organization a thank-you-for-rationally-addressing-a-potentially-volatile-situation LAUREL.

We were buried under an avalanche of Web site comments and letters to the editor responding to an opinionated letter we printed in Monday's edition. Ninety-nine percent of the letters did nothing but hurl insults at the author of the letter. The remaining 1 percent told us how stupid we were for printing the letter.

We just want to thank Human Decency Now, a student organization that works to protect the rights of the LGBTQ community, for having a representative call us to request that we let them address the situation calmly and comprehensively.

We cannot imagine how difficult it must have been for them to author a response without resorting to name-calling or insults.

Obviously, we have to send a NO!-that's-a-bad-SG-party! DART to the Gator Party for the allegations levied against them. Our fingers are crossed that the accusations in the e-mails we received are eventually refuted, but for now, you'll get this dart and like it.

We're going to double up on the SG darts now, and shoot a come-on-give-us-something-new-to-talk-about DART to both SG parties for failing to hold a public debate.

The reason a debate never happened? The parties couldn't agree on a location.

That's fair, guys and gals. Rather than hold a forum for the people interested in what you have to say (your voters), you squabbled over the location and ultimately bypassed the notion completely.

Next election, you could at least stand behind a couple lecterns while you argue about the location so we could pretend you were actually debating.

Speaking of negativity, we hope the woman who was caught with her hand in a donation jar at the Gainesville Regional Airport closes her fist around the point of a have-you-no-decency-woman? DART.

The woman said she knew it was wrong to take the money, which was intended to help fund leukemia research, but she wanted to take her mother to dinner. Apparently, the Sizzler buffet is just as hot a ticket as it has ever been.

Lastly, we want to offer an enormous thank-you-for-doing-your-civic-duty LAUREL to the UF student body. No matter your motivation, every student who voted contributed to the largest voter turnout in SG election history. Be proud of that.

Have a safe weekend, and go Gators.