Dave Nardollili, known as Dubloadz, is set to perform at Simons Nightclub Saturday, following the release of his new EP, "The House of Ghosts."

While “spooky season” is only one month for the rest of the world, a quick glance through Dubloadz’s discography suggests that the season is year-round for him. 

With track names like “Ghost Gang” and “Neon Phantom,” it’s no surprise Dave Nardolilli, the producer behind Dubloadz, has always been a fan of Halloween. He remembers when his mother bought him his first devil mask and pitchfork for Christmas at the age of 10. 

“As I got older, the tradition of going all-out on Halloween only got stronger,” Dubloadz said. “People would drive from other towns to come see our decorations on Halloween. I’d turn our basement into a haunted house and have people come through.”

The dubstep artist’s latest EP, “The House of Ghosts” is inspired by all things sinister and boasts three blood-pumping tracks created in collaboration with artists Dack Janiels and SUAHN, whose real names are Tanner Chung and Mike York respectively. The EP was released on Oct. 4, ahead of the start of his tour. Dubloadz is set to make a stop in Gainesville at Simons Nightclub  Saturday night. 

Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite for $10 to $20. The doors will open at 9 p.m. and the show is scheduled to start at 10 p.m. 

Dubloadz previously described his music as “savage wonk,” but he says his style has evolved in recent years. 

“I love wonky music, but to say most of my songs are that style at this point would be wrong.” Dubloadz said. “That being said, ‘Holy Shmo,’ one of the new collaborations with Dack Janiels on the ‘House of Ghosts’ EP is probably the most savage wonk type song I’ve made in a while.”

Dubloadz collaborated with Dack Janiels on “Killer Instinct,” the final track on the EP. A foreboding intro paving the way for a killer drop makes this track the heaviest out of the three, tying off the EP on a high note and proving that this duo is not one to be reckoned with. 

The EP’s second track, “Dungeon Crawler,” utilizes the nostalgia of 8-bit video game sounds for a unique, bass-fueled experience that is sure to haunt listeners long after the song finishes. A collaboration with up-and-coming producer SUAHN, the track has been in the works for two years.

“Sometimes you write a song too early in your career span and you don’t have the production knowledge necessary to get the track sounding the way it’s supposed to,” Dubloadz said. “Then a year or two later you’ve learned all new techniques and you open up an old project file and next thing you know, you have it sounding like you always wanted.” 

SUAHN said the song marks their second collaboration, and he hopes they can continue working together in the future. 

“It’s always amazing working with him because his brain works a million miles an hour, like mine,” SUAHN said. “The end result is always something unique and interesting and way beyond where it started in the best way possible.”