This weekend, Gainesville annual punk festival, FEST, is hosting 27 stand-up comedians ready to make audiences laugh so hard they wet themselves. Meet the comedians of FEST:  


  1. AJ Gil:  

AJ Gil is from Gainesville, FL, and is performing at FEST for the fourth time.

  1. Anya Volz:  

Anya Volz is a New York-based comedian from Vermont who was first runner-up in “Vermont’s Funniest Comedian” competition and has run a weekly stand-up show in Brooklyn called “As If! Comedy,” according to her website.

  1. Ben Roy:  

Ben Roy has been gracing audiences with his rant-styled, biting humor since 2004. Roy performed at several comedy festivals around the country and has appeared on HBO’s “Funny as Hell” series as well as Comedy Central’s “This is Not Happening.”

  1. Brandie Posey:  

Brandie Posey is from Annapolis, MD. According to her website, she is a “riot girl on acid.” She has also been featured on E! and Comedy Central.

  1. Casey Bryant Crawford:  

Coming to you from Daytona Beach, FL, Casey Bryant Crawford’s comedy features a lot of “weird stuff” such as religion, Southern moms, prejudice and his kids’ weird artwork, according to his site.

  1. Cherith Fuller:  

Cherith Fuller is from Atlanta, GA and has opened for comedians like Iliza Shlesinger and Janeane Garfolo. According to her website, she is currently a writer/co-producer for Cartoon Network.

  1. Dave Nelson:  

We have a lover of dry, self-deprecating humor in the house tonight! Based out of Valdosta, GA, Dave Nelson often makes fun of himself as well as society in his standup routines.

  1. Dave Ross:  

According to his website, Ross travels around the country to perform at festivals and portrays Trademark on Comedy Central’s “Corporate.”

  1. Dustin Meadows:  

“An unremarkable straight white male,” according to his website. Dustin Meadows has performed in many different kinds of venues such as bars, breweries and even just for dogs. He is the founder of Whiskey Bear Comedy.

  1. Fast Greg:  

Fast Greg is a local Gainesville comedian who performs around the city frequently. According to The Wall Street Journal, he is “Funny as F#*K.”

  1. Goodrich Gevaart:  

Goodrich Gevaart is originally from Los Angeles, CA, but began his career in Chicago, IL, where helped produce the Chicago Comedy Exposition 2014-2016, a “DIY stand-up festival in Chicago.”

  1. Gregg Cee:  

According to his Facebook page, Cee claims he’s the best comedian in Gainesville as long as people don’t see the others.

  1. Harry Snover:  

Snover got his start in stand-up comedy right here in Gainesville, FL. He has been performing for over 10 years and loves to make people laugh with his awkwardness.

  1. Heather Shaw:  

Heather Shaw is from Orlando, FL, and has had her work featured on Buzzfeed. She currently assists in organizing the Orlando Indie Comedy Festival.

  1. Jaron Millan:  

Jaron Millan is originally from Orlando, FL and has been doing FEST for 14 years! He is a part of a comedy duo called “Digital Boobs.”

  1. Jess Simmeron:   

Jess Simmeron is from Brooklyn, NY, and hosts his own variety show in New York called “And I Am Not Lying” at the UCB Theatre in East Village.

  1. Jenarchy:  

Jennifer Vito currently does stand-up comedy in Gainesville, FL, and will be performing Saturday at 3 p.m. at Loosey’s.

  1. Jeremy Hammond:  

Jeremy Hammond is based in Brooklyn, NY. According to his website, he has appeared on several networks such as Comedy Central, Fox, TruTV and The Paramount Network.  

  1. Mike Wiebe:  

Mike Wiebe is from Austin, TX and is also performing in Riverboat Gamblers and Drakulas at FEST.

  1. Nate Banditelli:  

Nate Banditelli is from Tamaqua, PA and is currently based in Orange County, CA. He is the producer of Laughing Gas Comedy.

  1. Olive Lynch:  

Olive Lynch is based in Atlanta, GA, and her work can be seen in her youtube special called “Art Institute” in which she mocks the nature of performance art students.

  1. Rara Imler:  

Rara Imler has performed comedy up and down the East Coast, making a name for herself in absurdist humor. She is currently a co-host of “NerdLanta Live.”

  1. Shannon Kelly:  

Shannon Kelly is from St. Petersburg, FL, and has a dark, biting sense of humor about sex, relationships and family that can be described as sarcastic and savage.

  1. Shaw Smith:  

Shaw Smith is from Orlando, FL, and has opened for acts such as Trailer Park Boys, and has also performed at the Orlando Indie Comedy Fest.

  1. Spencer Acree:  

Spencer Acree’s humor is witty and fun as he utilizes baby face jokes and calls himself “too adorable” to get arrested by cops.

  1. Two minutes To Late Midnight:  

Two minutes to Late Midnight is a heavy-metal talk show group that features a comedic host with all sorts of jokes, puns and slashing guitar sounds!

  1. Vanessa Kinsey:  

Vanessa Kinsey is from Gainesville, FL, and uses self-deprecating humor to relay her hysterical life experiences to the audiences of Gainesville.