meal prep

It’s 10 p.m. You only have two more chapters of notes and that final paragraph to finish! Then you feel growling in the pit of your stomach, and you wonder, “When was the last time I ate?”

As you peer into your fridge, all you find is a half-eaten apple, a few slices of bread and milk. Sounds healthy, right? Well, not exactly.  

We all have crazy schedules from class to clubs to jobs to, well, sleep? However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find time to put good nutrients into your body in a smart, efficient way. Enter: meal prepping.

Why do it: Meal prepping is effective and beneficial because you have full meals ready to go for the entire week whenever you consider skipping eating. Skipping a meal to study may sound smart, but it actually lessens your focus on the task at hand. This can save time in a pinch, and the process of prepping for the week is a great way to start the week with a sense of productivity. Additionally, meal prep is more cost-effective. By buying in bulk for larger servings, meal prep allows you to reduce your cost per meal.

How to do it: Have a day every week that’s dedicated to grocery shopping and meal prepping. It's important to have consistency so you can have everything ready for the upcoming week. Pick a few simple and delicious recipes that you can tackle on your own, and make a grocery list. Also, consider purchasing a few basic spices to put on chicken or vegetables because flavor is everything!

If you have absolutely no idea what meals you should make, download the app “Mealime.” “Mealime” is an app full of delicious, simple 30-minute recipes that can be customized to your diet. Pro tip: Always be sure to keep a good amount of Tupperware containers to portion out your meals.

How to love it: Prep meals that you’d genuinely enjoy, otherwise you will end up wasting food and spending more money on takeout. If you have sweet cravings, incorporate more fruit into breakfasts and snacks. If you can’t live without chicken, purchase a rotisserie chicken, pull it apart and cook it in some salsa or tomato so you have a large, flavorful supply for the week! Once you get in the habit of making time to cook all of your meals for the week, you will feel so accomplished and relieved that you don’t have to remind yourself to eat!