Fall is here, Halloween is near, and “The Walking Dead” is back to put you in a spooky mood.

“The Walking Dead” is a universally acclaimed and fan-approved zombie apocalypse horror show, based on a comic book series of the same name. The upcoming third season will have 16 episodes split into two equal parts, premiering this fall and spring.

After a shocking season finale including the death of two main characters, the show’s executive producers are anxious for a new setting, new characters and new deaths.

Last season’s farm has been burnt down, and the gang of zombie killers is on the hunt for a new home.

A four-minute online promo revealed the group will set up camp in an abandoned prison. This is quite a turn of events for cast member Sarah Wayne Callies, who spent four years doing the opposite in “Prison Break.”

Fans of the comics are excited to see the introduction of Michonne, who saved Andrea from a “walker” during last season’s finale.

Danai Gurira will play this mysterious new hooded character who walks two chained zombies around like dogs.

David Morrissey joins the cast as The Governor, another comic book favorite, who will be introduced as this season’s main antagonist.

Milton, played by Dallas Roberts, was not seen in the comics but will act as The Governor’s right-hand man.

One thing has fans even more thrilled than the prospect of all these new characters combined: the chance to see if they would survive a zombie apocalypse themselves. This year, Universal Studios hosts a haunted house dedicated to the show as part of its 22nd annual Halloween Horror Nights.

If that’s too frightening, you can always stick to being scared in the comfort of your own home Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.