Rising UF senior Hannah Marjon established and designed for a bikini company called Seven Swim by age 21. As a public relations major, she has always had an eye for making a brand for herself.

Marjon loves to sport some great swimwear as she’s lived 10 minutes away from the beach her entire life. She realized in her early high school years that she wanted a specific kind of look in her bikinis but did not want to pay exuberant amounts of money for them.

“I started ordering bikinis from little handmade shops in Hawaii so that I could get the fit I wanted,” Marjon said.

Marjon’s journey began her sophomore year of college. She decided to start her own company and instantly began making connections all over the world.

“I had emailed 20 manufacturers all over the world and had designed my first seven bikinis,” Marjon said.

The senior claims she wanted to create bikinis that mimicked the amazing styles and quality of big brand stores but not at big brand prices. She chose to design bikinis specifically because she wanted to create them for herself as a customer.

“I chose bikinis because I love the feeling of a really good bikini. Bikinis can either make you feel super good and proud about yourself, or they can ruin your day because you’re self-conscious of how they fit,” Marjon said.

As her main consumers are girls anywhere from 18 to 25 years old, Marjon always keeps in mind a more youthful style and look when she is designing the pieces. She said that at this age she wants bikinis to be comfortable and stay in place for those who are always running around, while still maintaining a look that is trendy and cute.

What sets Seven Swim apart from other companies is the community that has developed around it and its use of eco-friendly fabrics in manufacturing the bikinis. Marjon started an ambassador program before she launched the company in order to bring in that community to the company. An ambassador program allows for employees to utilize various forms of media to promote the brand and increase the company’s influence and following.

“I had been in an ambassador program and loved the intimacy it gives you with a company and wanted to have others feel that way with mine,” Marjon said.

She exclusively uses eco-friendly fabrics for the suits but claims she’d like to see more companies do the same.

Marjon has big ideas and great long-term goals for Seven Swim. She wants to create a sustainably growing business that can always take care of itself.

“I eventually want to be able to create ways to interact with the community more,” Marjon said.

The 21-year-old recently had a pop-up shop during Miami Swim Week, and she was able to meet many of the models, bloggers and customers that she’s been in contact with for over a year now. She said she looks forward to more opportunities like that one.

As a young designer, Marjon’s advice to other young aspiring designers is to follow your gut.

“That sounds weird, but so much of what I’ve done with this company I wouldn’t have done if other people had given me their opinion,” she said.

She did not know how to start a bikini company nor produce bikinis when she realized her passion. While maintaining freedom of design, Marjon does say to ask for financial help, as handling money as a young artist is difficult.

“I just blundered my way through it and made some awesome mistakes that led me in cool directions,” says Marjon.