Willard Keeran: Aquarius

This Calculus 2 professor, known by students for his famous advice to “look inward,” follows the Aquarius archetype by letting the mind rule rather than the heart. Lack of emotion may lead Aquarians to be seen as cold, but this air sign makes up for it through originality. Aquarians march to the beat of their own drum and never let anyone’s opinion deter them from self-expression. Those with this sign feed off intellectual stimuli and love to be surrounded by friends, as long as they can keep up with Aquarius’s independent tendencies.


Mike Foley: Cancer

Everyone fears this Reporting professor at first, but once they get to know him they usually say he’s not that bad. This is a classic reaction to Cancers. Like a crab, those with this sign are hard on the outside but incredibly soft on the inside. Ruled by the moon, Cancers are known for their nurturing tendencies - a necessary quality for any teacher. So, next time you wonder why professor Foley grades so harshly, just know it probably comes from a place of love... and because Cancers are the most moody of all the signs.


Jason Portmess: Libra

Libras like UF Department of Chemistry’s Jason Portmess value balance and harmony. Those born under this sign probably feng shui their house and track their macronutrients. Because Libras are natural balances, they can be described as charming. They counteract other people’s personality traits, which allows for both parties to feel comfortable. Those born under this sign value fairness, which makes them so good at peacekeeping. The United Nations is basically knocking down their door trying to recruit them. On the other hand, Libras weigh all the options before making a decision, which also makes them indecisive.


UF President Kent Fuchs: Scorpio

As a water sign, Scorpios cue into emotions and know exactly how to handle them, which is key when dealing with all the feelings on campus like President Fuchs does. Our university’s so-called father figure can thank his leadership skills and passion to his ruling Pluto and Mars, which allow for his tranquil front. Scorpios are intense and sometimes mysterious because they would rather hold on than process emotions.


Maria Korolev: Sagittarius

Symbolized by a centaur shooting an arrow, Sagittarius is the ninth house in the zodiac and is ruled by Jupiter. Those born as Sagittarius seek a greater purpose and aim high with all endeavors. Those with this fire sign may find themselves in trouble when their honesty and frank nature gets the best of them. Always looking for their next adventure, those with the Sagittarius sign seem to have the energy of a thousand suns and the optimism levels to counteract all the negativity in the world.