Once again, Obama is offering his feminist touch. On Friday, President Obama championed women's health rights by issuing a compromise that will provide women with free birth control.

The http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2012/02/10/fact-sheet-women-s-preventive-services-and-religious-institutions" target="_blank">compromise, which is part of the Affordable Care Act, states that employers will have to provide their female employees with birth control — unless they are a religious organization. The employees of these organizations will still receive free birth control, but it will instead come from insurance companies that will be required to provide it.

The compromise is meant to accommodate religious opponents to the original mandate, which stated that only churches and places of worship would be exempt from providing contraceptives. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, who had previously called the health care plan an attack on religious freedom, eased on Friday saying, "[USCCB] sees initial opportunities in preserving the principle of religious freedom after President Obama's announcement today, but the Conference continues to express concerns."

Women's advocacy groups seem to be generally pleased with the compromise. Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, praised the decision saying, "Today's announcement makes it clear that President Obama is firmly committed to protecting women's health."

This isn't the first time Obama has shown his feminist side. During his first week in office he overturned the Global Gag Rule that wouldn't allow the government to provide funding to family planning organizations that supported abortion. Since then, he has also http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2009/03/11/obama-focuses-on-women-and-girls/" target="_blank">voiced his support for "women's issues" saying they "are not just women's issues, they are family issues and economic issues."

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No one is coming into our Churches and trying to tell parishioners what to believe. BUT If the Bishops want to start businesses that employ millions of people of varying faiths -or no "faith" at all- THEN they must play by the rules...ESPECIALLY if they use our tax dollars in the process.  Just because a religious group in America claims to believe something, we cannot excuse them from obeying the law in the PUBLIC arena, based on that belief. And if they want to plunge overtly into politics from the pulpit, then they should give up their tax-exempt status. Did I miss something, or when it comes to the "sanctity of life", is every single righteous Catholic still a card carrying conscientious objector, still refusing to take up arms,  still totally against the death penalty, and still against contraception and birth-control in all its forms? Oh well, hypocrisy is at the heart of politics, and politics masquerading as religion even more so. This country is an invigorating mixture of all the diversity that life has to offer, drawing its strength FROM that diversity. We need to work together to preserve, enrich, and strengthen this unique experiment - NOT to tear it down with poisonous, paralyzing, and un-Christian demonization of each other.


Birth control is not used because of cost it is not used because of lazy and stupid - if you paid folks to take it would still not be used again availability is not the problem. Availably is a band aid

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