"Magpie & the Dandelion" – The Avett Brothers (Oct. 15):

The Avett Brothers have been at the forefront of the indie folk movement for a number of years now. When they formed in the late 1990s they shocked people with their eclectic mix of rock, bluegrass, and folk and quickly gained a loyal following. The band, led by brothers Scott and Seth Avett, has been slowly building their dedicated fan base throughout the last decade through an endless barrage of tours and releases. Upon the release of their 2009 major label debut release, I and Love and You, it became clear that their persistence paid off. The album peaked at No. 16 on the Billboard charts, a whopping 118 spots higher than their previous best, and catapulted them onto the popular music scene.  Their most recent album, The Carpenter, was met with similar success and opened at No. 4  on the Billboard charts. Despite the positive critical reception that their last two albums have received they have forced somewhat of a split between fans. On the albums, both of which were produced by Rick Rubin, the Avetts have adopted a much more subdued and refined style that has left a small of old fans dissatisfied. Magpie & the Dandelion will be the band’s eighth studio album and is shaping up to be very similar to their last two releases. It will once again be produced by Rubin and seems to have the same sort of polished sound. The Avetts are one of the most talented bands working today and have been able to revitalize a sort of folk punk that has been popularized by bands such as Mumford and Sons over the last few years.

Song to check out: “Another Is Waiting” - http://youtu.be/PBlMFWPY3AE

"We Need Medicine" – The Fratellis (Oct. 7)

In 2006 The Fratellis took the British music scene by storm.  Their debut album, Costello Music, immediately hit No. 2 on the UK albums charts and just a few short months later they were selling out full venues on their own and headlining large festivals.  With their high energy and insanely catchy singles such as “Chelsea Dagger”, “Henrietta”, and “Flathead” (which a number of people will recognize as a song used in the old iPod commercials), it’s easy to see why.  In 2008 they released their second album, Here We Stand, which opened to somewhat mixed reviews. After touring on Here We Stand for a year, much to the dismay of thousands of fans, the trio took an indefinite hiatus and all of the members went to partake in other musical endeavors.  After reuniting for a charity benefit show in 2012 the band announced they were going to pick up on the same tour they stopped three years earlier. After months of touring they finally announced that they were releasing their third LP this fall. The first single off of the album, “Seven Nights Seven Days” is a great track that helps to ease fans worries about how the bands new material would sound after their long break. 

Song to check out: “Seven Nights Seven Days” - http://youtu.be/I5QL37Sk8lU

"Let’s Be Still" – The Head and the Heart (Oct. 15)

With their upcoming release of "Let’s Be Still" Seattle’s The Head and the Heart will be looking to bypass the proverbial sophomore slump. If their new single, “Shake”, is anything to go by it’s a safe bet to say they’ll do just that.  The band formed in 2009 and released their first self-titled album in the same year. In 2011, after being signed by Sub-Pop records, a remastered and extended version of the folk –pop bands album was released to a much wider audience and to critical acclaim. Over the last two years The Head and the Heart have been becoming increasingly popular. They’ve opened for acts such as Vampire Weekend, Death Cab For Cutie, and Iron & Wine and have also had their songs featured in a number of big television shows including How I Met You Mother and most notably in the final episode of NBC’s series Chuck. The Head and the Hearts simple song arrangements, and their cohesive fusing of violins, pianos, vocal harmonies, and acoustic guitars set them apart from most bands and with the technical help of Peter Krais, who has produced albums for The Swell Season, Interpol, and The National, behind them their sophomore album is shaping up to be an amazing record.

Song to check out: “Shake” - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89JdR-SQjB0

Honorable Mentions:

Oct. 8 – Melophobia – "Cage the Elephant"

Oct. 8 – Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! – "Panic! at the Disco"

Oct. 15 – Titles – "Red City Radio"


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