UF’s chapter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity — often called “Sig Ep” — has been closed.

The fraternity’s national board of directors withdrew the charter of the Florida Alpha chapter, according to a statement from executive director Brian C. Warren Jr.

“The University of Florida is investigating the chapter for numerous violations of the University’s code of conduct,” Warren’s statement read.

UF spokeswoman Janine Sikes said the chapter’s closing was not the result of a single incident. There are multiple charges pending, she said, including hazing.

Sikes provided a statement that declared the university’s support of the board’s decision.

“We understand it was a difficult one to make and look forward to the fraternity returning at some point in the future,” UF’s statement read.

The fraternity’s mission centers around building balanced men. According to Warren’s statement, members are expected to act in following with values like respect for self and others.

“When the cultural issues within a chapter conflict with our values and are too deeply rooted to effect change, we have no other option but to withdraw the chapter’s charter,” Warren’s statement read.

The chapter is closed indefinitely, according to UF’s statement. Administrators, officials and alumni will determine when it is appropriate for the chapter to return to UF.

“SigEp has a long history on our campus and produced many student leaders,” UF’s statement read. “For now, we are providing assistance to members needing housing or wanting to pursue membership in other organizations.”

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Good riddance, go back to Miami


"UF spokeswoman Janine Sikes said the chapter’s closing was not the result of a single incident. There are multiple charges pending, she said, including hazing."

Who has charged members (or the organization?) and in what venue? This needs some further reporting.


Must have really messed up if the SG machine couldn't help them


Who gets the house?

Maybe Beta. UF owns the ground, right?

fancy pants
fancy pants


It was their national headquarters that pulled their charter. There's nothing any SG or faculty official could have done about it.


it's 2013 why are fraternities still around again?


This is going to get interesting.

from flaalpha dot org:
"our plans to become a Residential Learning Community are well underway"

from sigep dot org:
"substance‐free common areas"

from flaalpha dot org:
looking for a Balanced Man Steward. Jobs: "Know how the Balanced Man Program is properly implemented" and "Ensure BMP trackers are used following Lexicon format"

from sigep dot org:
"no pledging" and "self-paced challenges" on "etiquette" "salsa dancing"


If the lack of consideration, poor timing, and poor communication while handling the facility shut down indicates SIGEP's "respect for self and others", they should seriously consider shutting the entire Fraternity down until they can follow their own code.

Byron Schurgstom

This chapter has been on the rogue fringe of the national organization for decades. The poor behavior and poor image of Florida Alpha has crept into all of the big state schools in Florida and has hurt recruitment efforts at these schools. The beautiful home that was provided for the chapter was destroyed by members. This chapter did follow the member development program that has become standard for chapters across the country. FL Alpha was a chapter in name only. If you don’t believe in the principles, don’t live to the same standards, don’t adhere to the same policies, then you are not a Sig Ep chapter. That’s OK … just be honest and call it what it is. Apparently this was some degenerate party club and not a fraternity chapter.

The chapter was given every opportunity to live the values of the fraternity but refused to adopt them in their activities.

Many will predict that a decade from now we will have a Buchanan Cup quality chapter and a group of Brothers living in a beautiful home at 5 Fraternity Row who welcome Brothers visiting the campus. Time and again the national fraternity closed problem chapters and return 4 years later with a group that kicks but on the campus….Bucknell, George Washington, Maryland, Ohio State, Delaware are all great examples of where we gave the chapter a time-out and now they are top chapters on their campus and among the best in the country. There is a list of other chapters that should have been closed but instead were placed on life support and decades later never become a great chapter.

Many will applaud the actions of the National Board of Directors. They took action before someone was killed or injured by a substance-fueled screw up by some out-of-control members or former members expelled for their bad behavior. This should serve as notice for those chapters who are out there supporting high risk activities that SigEp isn’t going to wait for someone to die to take action……Live up to the values you swore an oath to uphold or you will be gone.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

sig-ep alum

It's truly unfortunate, when I was an undergrad we did with the Buchanan cup in 1989 and 1991.

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