A new club at UF will provide a political platform for underrepresented voters.

Gators for Underrepresented Voters is a student-run organization that began this Fall.

Anna Baringer, the club’s president and a UF statistics and political science sophomore, wrote in an email that engaging with underrepresented voters is the key to a functioning democratic system.

“I was especially disheartened to realize that among the students that do participate politically, not enough of them came from underrepresented populations,” the 19-year-old said.

Hannah Daigle, the public relations manager of the club, said an underrepresented voter is defined as any minority based on race, sex, gender or other.

The club’s first event will be a voter registration push Monday on the Plaza of the Americas.

“Our goal is to increase voter efficacy amongst college students, especially for groups underrepresented in politics, starting at UF,” Baringer said. “Too many groups underrepresented in politics are unregistered to vote.”

Daigle, a UF psychology and political science freshman, said the club is nonpartisan.

“Now more than ever, people feel like they don’t have a voice,” Daigle said. “I see this as being one of the most important clubs this year.”

Baringer said she hopes the club motivates people to get involved in politics.

“Ultimately, we want to create a culture at UF that expects every Gator to be civically engaged,” Baringer said. “Seeing our mission resonate with so many people has been inspiring.”