Meat eaters gathered on the Plaza of the Americas Wednesday to sample a slice of political activism for the "PETA Barbeque" held by College Republicans.

The People Eating Tasty Animals Barbeque, served to raise awareness of the extreme stances the animal rights organization, PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, takes.

The cookout provided students with the opportunity to experience the other side of the animal rights issue.

"I think it's the best thing ever," said Nick Galyon, a junior finance major. "I am a big supporter of eating animals. I think PETA is just ridiculous. It's liberal propaganda."

The carnivorous cookout shared its location and time slot with the Hare Krishna lunch. The Hare Krishnas, a religious vegetarian group, distribute lunch every day.

Brian Curry, a member of the Hare Krishnas and UF freshman said eating meat destroys compassion in a person. He said eating meat is a petty and selfish act because it condemns animals to death.

"It's just not necessary to survive," he said. "You can get all the protein you need from eating a vegetarian diet."

Curry said he does not associate with the PETA organization.

The group also encouraged people to bring their pets to the event. Bryan Griffin, the chairman of College Republicans, brought his pet ferret, Athena, and his pet snake, a ball python, Atlas.

Griffin encouraged people to bring their own pet to the barbecue this year because he loves animals, he said.

"There is a balance in the animal cruelty debate." Griffin said. "Loving animals does not exclude you from eating meat."

The food cost about $200 and was provided by David's Real Pit BBQ at a reduced group rate because of the large order. They ordered about 20 pounds of pork and chicken for the barbecue.

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Steve E

This is the kind of nonsense I've come to expect from Republicans. As a vegan Libertarian, I'm proud to support freedom and true conservative values while also respecting animals. For everyone else who is ready to defect from the wrong-minded GOP, take a look at

For anyone who thinks our current factory farming system is acceptable, please watch EARTHLINGS, or MEET YOUR MEAT (available online at Only the GOP would come out in support of such obscene cruelty. I've visited two factory farms myself, and I personally know two former undercover investigators. The videos are not exaggerations.


Eating meat and respecting animals are not mutually exclusive, and that's clearly indicated in the article. The barbeque was not nonsense, it served as an alternative to the constant extremist propoganda paraded around on the UF campus.


Carly: If killing an animal and eating it is respecting it, then yes you are right. Not mutually exclusive. Yet somehow we draw the line with dogs, cats and horses. Why don't we eat them? Why do we go up in arms if someone wants to eat a dog? I think we'd have to come up with a skewed definition of respect to give the love but eat idea any kind of internal logic.

The Krishnas certainly do NOT have an agressive posture, other than just being there. They are just following their religious duty to serve people their religious food. No in your face condemnation. Leave it to the Republicans to shove their views down your throat.


This barbecue has to be one of the most stupid things I have ever seen. There is no reason for it other than for a bunch of meat eaters to eat more meat! What is the point? What is this raising awareness to? That most people are not dedicated enough to stop eating meat and instead turn a blind-eye to all of the cruelties that ARE happening to animals??? Meat is served all over campus...why is this necessary?

I am a vegan and a firm believer in animal rights (ALL animals, not just your own pets!). I do not typically associate with PETA and do not agree with everything that they do. However, I also do not see PETA ads all over campus and find no need for this "political activism."

Keep making stupid excuses as to why it is okay to treat some animals as if their lives mean absolutely nothing and not think anything of it. I just don't want to hear those same people creating an uproar about people like Michael Vick, etc. because every bite of meat you take you are contributing to something so heinous it makes me sick to think that you can sleep at night.

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