A 22-year-old UF student was arrested and charged with trafficking large amounts of marijuana and cocaine late Tuesday night after attempting to run from police officers.

Cameron Schmidt, who was wearing a backpack filled with what was later found to be drug paraphernalia and a gun, was stopped around 11 p.m. while walking east on Northwest Third Avenue with a friend, according to the Gainesville Police Department report.

A Gainesville Police officer first noticed the pair walking down the street holding red Solo cups.

When asked what was in the cups, both Schmidt and his friend told the officer they were drinking whiskey and Coke. When the officer asked the two to step to the front of the squad car, they started running south on Northwest 12th Terrace, the report stated.

The officer chased the men in his car and caught up with them in the old Mellow Mushroom parking lot on University Avenue. Schmidt was caught, but his friend continued to run south until he was out of sight, the report stated.

Schmidt spun around in the officer’s grip and started fighting him to get away. He punched the officer in the face multiple times and pulled his hair, the report said.

Schmidt threw his backpack away during the fight and yelled, “I have cocaine … I can’t go to jail. I’m in school.”

Schmidt was finally Tasered, which stopped him from resisting long enough for back-up officers to arrive. He was evaluated by EMS and refused medical treatment, according to the police report.

Schmidt’s friend was found by a K-9 Justice unit at College Manor Apartments at 1216 SW 2nd Ave., the report said.

A search of Schmidt’s backpack turned up 32.5 grams of marijuana packaged in separate plastic bags, 56.6 grams of cocaine and a loaded .22 caliber Sig Sauer handgun.

Schmidt has been charged with battery on an officer, carrying a concealed weapon without a license, selling cannabis within 1,000 feet of a school, possession of drug paraphernalia, trafficking drugs, resisting arrest without violence and an open container violation, according to the report.

His bond is set at $405,550.


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Who's going to defend this piece of garbage first?


Another example of UF's recruiting at it's finest.

And people complain that athlete's are the "bad seed." Yeah... UF is going to be known as the "academic" school that allows the mentally unstable to teach and gun-toting students to sell cocaine and cannabis. And you think athletes are the problem?

And, thank God it was GPD that made the arrest, or we would be hearing how "police brutality" this-and-that... oh, how the cops should have never tasered him... oh, I can't believe they sent the dog on him... oh, how they forced him to run and be agitated... poor kid - bless his little heart. The pressures of being a student at UF means he just needs to go to counseling.

And, this happened just off campus - right? So, where were those UPD cops? Still on paid leave? Or afraid of doing ANYTHING - wouldn't want to have to meet the review board on this one too... Good job UF protecting your students.

Things are only getting worse at UF... keep sticking your head in the ground. The problems will only go away when you face and deal with the REAL problem.


93gatorgrad, you sound like grandpa in his rocking chair complaining about "kids these days." Like students weren't smoking pot and doing coke back in 93, which meant plenty of drug deals on campus. Sometimes dealers get busted. Sometimes they are stupid enough to resist arrest and scream things like "I can't go to jail, I'm in school." This is a sign of nothing, signifying nothing.


He's a current School of Building Construction student...tisk tisk tisk

Sensible Joe

“I have cocaine… I can’t go to jail... I’m in school." Well, if you value going to school and staying out of jail so much, here's a handy hint: don't break the law by doing things like dealing drugs. Being a college student doesn't make one part of some privileged class that is exempt from the laws everyone else has to follow.


Yeah mk - Why doesn't UF just tell those new parents at preview who question this incident, "This is a sign of nothing, signifying nothing." Hmm... what do those parents think as they drop off their kids in a University who chooses to look the other way? How safe are my kids? With budget cuts to the city's police department... What is UF doing to protect my investment?


"A search of Schmidt’s backpack turned up 32.5 grams of marijuana packaged in separate plastic bags, 56.6 grams of cocaine and a loaded .22 caliber Sig Sauer handgun."

---> Are you kidding me? Why would you carry a "cap-gun" with this small of an amount of drugs.....completely dumb cuz that ups the penalties, especially being on campus and a .22 is worthless except target practice....can we say amateur dealer? This person clearly doesn't know what they are doing and should not be locked away for as long as they will


Correction ---> A .22 caliber pistol would be capable of taking down a Florida cockroach! This guy was armed to the teeth!


Not to mention the fact that this genius was walking around with his stash whilst boozing out of a red solo cup. I'm as anti-prohibition as they come, but this dude's shocking level of stupidity seems like a danger to society in and of itself.

A Concerned Citizen

I'm a strong believer in innocence until guilt is proven, but I feel fairly certain that this man is guilty of the crimes he was charged with. Nevertheless, his arrest is an example of the many failures of the war on drugs. To see why, we should examine the charges.

Open container violation- Schmidt is guilty of this, and should be punished accordingly (although, having recently visited Berlin, which has no open container law and no significant public drunkenness/littering problem, I disagree with the wisdom behind open container laws).

Carrying a concealed weapon without a license- Because drug-dealing is illegal, drug-dealers are more likely to be victims of a robbery. Their wares are valuable, and they cannot report robberies of their wares to the police. Thus, carrying a weapon is the only avenue to protect a drug-dealer's livelihood. Were drug-dealing legal, drug-dealers could rely on the police for protection, and insure their wares, rendering firearms unnecessary.

Drug trafficking, possession of paraphernalia and selling cannabis within 1000 feet of a school- Let's ignore the morality of drug use and selling drugs for a minute, just for the sake of argument. We can definitively say that people like to use drugs and will do so, regardless of their legality. History has shown this to be indisputable. Likewise, as the war on drugs has yet to be won, we can safely assume that when the demand for drugs exists, someone will supply drugs, regardless of legality. Schmidt's arrest does nothing to alleviate the demand for drugs, and while it temporarily limits supply, it undoubtedly does not eliminate supply from UF (>50K students likely require more than one drug-dealer), and someone else will now supply Schmidt's customers with drugs.

Battery on an officer/resisting arrest without violence- As a college student, the risk to Schmidt of being caught dealing drugs was far more than prison time. He now faces a lifetime of being a convicted felon, making it extraordinarily difficult to finish his education at UF or a comparable college, and employment upon his release will be difficult to find. Employment that pays similar to what he would have made as a UF graduate will be nearly impossible to find. So fleeing then attacking the officer was a rational act. Another felony or two wouldn't affect Schmidt's life-long status as a felon, and were he to successfully flee the cop, he would not face being an ex-con for the rest of his life. If you still doubt that this act was rational, consider that he had a loaded firearm with him, and could have potentially killed the officer. Yet he chose not to attempt to use the firearm, as by doing so, the potential penalty (death penalty or life sentence) outweighed the potential reward.

We can see then, that this young man's life is ruined, with no benefit at all to the life of any other. Drugs will still be consumed. Likewise, Schmidt's arrest does not remove a violent man from society. His carrying a weapon and assaulting a cop are both rational actions. If you want to change the behavior of a rational actor, change the incentives. If drugs were legal, Schmidt would have no reason to carry a weapon or attack police officers.

So Cameron Schmidt, as an American, I apologize to you. It is our political inertia and cowardice that allows the war on drugs to continue, while drug use continues unabated. And now, not only has your life been ruined, but I am affected as well, as my tax dollars are being used to needlessly imprison you. You are no danger to society, society is a danger to society, and this fact has not, and will not change. And while you bear responsibility for your actions, and deserve what will happen to you, it does not benefit anyone and thus is senseless.


Quality people they are letting into UF now.


Concerned Citizen -

While your points are well reasoned and may hold water from a societal / policy development perspective, on an individual level we must all agree to behave according to the laws that exist, and work to change those laws through the system if we disagree with them.

It is one of the advantages of a representative system of government. If individuals can disobey laws simply because they disagree with them, order breaks down.

Schmidt knew what the laws were. He chose to sell addictive substances to college students, who represent a particularly vulnerable population - and it's an illegal activity. He chose to carry a firearm illegally, most likely on campus at some point since it was in his backpack.

He chose to punch a cop in the face.

I advance the notion that Schmidt deserves no apology.

Alan Martin

Current federal law bans federal financial aid for people with drug convictions, but not with other convictions, no matter how severe. That is just one example of how little sense our drug laws make. That being said, this guy made his choices and will have to live with them. Marijuana ought to be legal. As for cocaine, I'm not as sure - it is a highly addictive drug that makes users behave recklessly. That being said, I think the kind of people who choose to use cocaine tended to be pretty messed up before they used it.


Concerned citizen - you bring up some good points and like you mention this is just another sad statistic of the "war on drugs." Now, this kid will not finish his degree, will not be a contributing member of society, will get locked away for a long time consuming tax payer dollars. If we just legalized and regulated there would be NO drug dealers, reduced gang activity, drastic reduction in drug cartel funding and reduction in drug court and imprisonment costs! Maybe then our law enforcement could focus on the drugs that pose a real danger to society (crack, meth, heroin)

Legalize Marijuana today and we can take a huge step in the right direction of fixing this massive loss of tax payer dollars and funding the drug cartels, too bad the politicians in Washington are still watching episodes of "Reefer madness"


This is another great statistic of the war on drugs. Who gives a sh*t about the weed. This POS was carrying a major amount of coke- what Florida deems a trafficking amount. And, he had a gun. Oh yeah, on top of that, he punched the cop in the face. Anyone can be a POS. From doctors to students to thugs. I am glad his life is ruined. Luckily, he didn't get a chance to sell that coke and ruin more lives that night.

I'm sure he'll plead not guilty and his daddy and mommy will pay for everything to go away.

He needs a bullet in the head so we don't waste any more time on him.


I created an account to say @realtruth your life must be really depressing to speak such unhealthy things unto another human. Innocent till proven guilty. Things could of been much worst just read the article and realize what is still going on and a change needs to be taken affect. The Law is worrying about the wrong things.


Misunderstood - SOooo... What should the law be worrying about? It's why we call them laws - there are consequences if you break them - whether you agree with them or not and whether you think it is a "little" law or a "big" one as though that even makes sense.

realtruth - I give a hoot about the weed! He was a drug pusher/dealer to innocent and unsuspecting little 17 and 18 year olds. And, statistics show that kids go from cigarettes, to weed, to bigger and better drugs like cocaine and others. It's why they are called drugs because they are addicting and then we need more or better drugs to get the same effect as a previous high. And, he DID ruin some important lives that night... What about his parents, siblings or others who thought he was going to amount to something? If his parents bail him out this time, they will pay for him for the rest of his life.

And your comment about shooting him in the head is uncalled for. Now, you just sound as irrational and filled with hate and anger as some other people against the cops. It only makes YOU look bad and takes the focus off of where it really needs to be.

A Concerned Citizen

93GatorGrad- Yes, statistics show that most hard drug users begin, with cigarettes, marijuana and alcohol, but your understanding of why is the blind acceptance of others' willful misinterpretation. People begin with these drugs because they are the most popular and available. So while the vast majority of those that drink or smoke don't move on to drugs like heroin, nearly everyone on heroin drinks and smokes. Why should this be held against those that drink or smoke? People that do drugs like to do other drugs.

18 year olds are adults. If they want to do drugs, fine. They know pot or coke isn't good for them, but if they're willing to accept the consequences, then so be it. It's their life and their body, not their parents, siblings, or anyone else's.


realtruth: "He needs a bullet in the head so we don't waste any more time on him."

This is rediculous. You want him to fallow the law and now you want to execute a man over drugs (not in the preview of the law). You make me sick.

Mamma Gator: You are very mislead on the stats on drug us. Please provide evidence for this (if you can find any) or stop quoting talk radio.

This guy broke the law and I'm happy the officer was not terribly hurt here. It would have been horrible for the community if this guy shot the officer. I'm glad that no one was shot here and the non lethal force was used effectively. Good job GPD!


jtizzi - Do your own research! then dispute my claim. (Why must you keep asking people to do the research for you?)

I don't listen to talk radio and I don't watch TV, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express!


93GatorGrad: I do my own research and don't count my preconceived notions as fact. Here are a few scientific studies that disprove gateway theory. If you have a counter argument I would love to hear it. I have read the literature and have found that although there seems to be a statistical probability of gateway theory it is a correlation not a cause. But, please do your own research and have a rational conversation with me using peer reviewed journal articles. I am open to new ideals and am especially interested in challenging those that I already have,



No jtizzi - I will not enter into an exchange of ideas with you. You have a history of holding on to your myth even when the facts show you might be wrong. You also seem to attack people and not ideas or facts.

I will continue to see things my way, and you can continue to see things your way. We will continue to agree to disagree. Please leave me alone and stop stalking me.


93GatorGrad: that was so irrational it kind of made me sick. You don't want your world view changed do you. I presented you with facts and you ignore them. I will not continue to see things my way. My world view changes based on the influx of new ideals and facts. I wish things where the same for you but I don't think they are. I urge you to formulate your opinion based on reason and facts not based on preconceived prejudices. I'm down for a rational discussion but it seems that your not.
Let's start simple (where I suggested before), what information do you have to prove gateway theory? I know of very little but would like to know what information has led you to this view.


And people wonder why some chose to remain anonymous...


93GatorGrad: I'm surprised your on the Internet. Be careful, you might find information that will challenge your world view and force you not to be so closed minded. You make me livid. I don't care if you disagree with me. You're just so closed minded it gives me a headache.

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