UF is ranked in the top 75 for new sign-ups for a sugar daddy dating website in 2012.

SeekingArrangement.com provides a place for sugar daddies to get to know sugar babies looking for someone to take care of them. A sugar daddy is a wealthy man, and in this case, he is paying for a female’s college tuition.

UF ranked No. 41 on the list. Four other Florida universities were listed in SeekingArrangement.com’s top 20 fastest-growing sugar baby universities. The site’s public relations manager, Jennifer Gwynn, said UF has a total of 186 students participating, with 64 registered in 2012.

The four Florida universities that made the top-20 list were, respectively: University of Central Florida, the University of South Florida, Florida International University and Florida State University. UCF ranked No. 4 with 291 members.

Gwynn said most women join because they would like someone to take care of them and help pay for school.

“The average allowance is about $3,000 a month for most college students,” she said. “It’s just like any other relationship. There just happens to be a financial component involved.”

The list was created through the website’s database of female students who registered with their universities’ email addresses. The students who registered with the addresses receive premium membership. Sugar babies are not required to be in college; however, they must be 18 or older.

Virginia Stanton, an 18-year-old economics freshman, said it’s a smart idea, but it devalues what love is all about.

Florida’s economy contributes to the amount of Florida colleges on the list, Gwynn said

“You always hear about Florida being one of the top states for foreclosures and unemployment,” she said.

Georgia State University ranked No. 1 for new sugar baby sign ups in 2012.

“Everybody has to get through college,” said 18-year-old history freshman Tori Selby.

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This is one of the cheapest public universities in the nation. Get a Bright Futures scholarship and forego the prostitution option.

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