Teens are moving away from Facebook and toward other social media sites, according to a recent Pew Research Center study.

What does Facebook have that Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites do not?

“Parents,” said Sharon Bikoundou, a guidance counselor at American Heritage School in Plantation. “And I think they just think it’s easier to just tweet something and hit submit.”

The study also said teens are sharing more information about themselves on social media sites than they have in the past. But teen social media users were not concerned about people accessing their data.

Instead, they blamed the excessive amount of adults invading their Internet space for their declining interest in Facebook. They also found the drama to be draining, the angst and inane details unappealing, and the constant reputation management stressful, the study showed.

“Twitter just lets you write (a) small character amount … it just goes straight to the point,” said Shawn Humphreys, a local DJ and 21-year-old criminal justice Santa Fe College student, “and (Instagram) pictures show a lot more than writing.”

The study’s results showing a decline in Facebook usage may prove bad news for businesses that rely on the website to communicate with their audiences.

“Facebook is the best way I think to promote yourself, promote events and to get people to know your name,” Humphreys said. “I will always use Facebook. I don’t like (Twitter) because it gives you a limit.”

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