Theatre Strike Force doesn’t need scripts to get a laugh.

About 250 people attended the group’s performance of “Unscripted” Wednesday. The show was a celebration of the group’s first-place win in the southeastern regional round of the third annual College Improv Tournament.

Another performance of “Unscripted” will be held today at 9 p.m. in the Reitz Union Rion Ballroom.

The tournament took place in Atlanta on Saturday. Theatre Strike Force sent five of its members, known as the Sunday Group, to compete against eight other southeastern colleges. The group will go to Chicago for the tournament finals on Feb. 6.

“I want a national championship for UF in improv,” said Jennifer Francis, a senior telecommunication major and member of Theatre Strike Force.

In the competition, the group performed two 25-minute improvisation sessions. The group won the first session and went to the final round.

Last year the Sunday Group placed second in the regional round.

Saturday’s performance was similar to the show “Unscripted.” The show includes a cast of nine members, three of whom were also members of the Sunday Group.

Guest speakers in “Unscripted” were asked random questions about their lives, experiences and dreams.

Among the speakers were entomology professor Carl Barfield, former UF track star and Olympic gold medalist Bernard Williams, and Student Body President Jordan Johnson.

The show was sponsored by Theatre Strike Force, Reitz Union Board Entertainment and SG.

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