To address the demand for more housing on campus, a new residence hall could be built for the first time in 12 years.

The proposed project would be a $20.5 million addition on Southwest 13th Street, southeast of the historic Yulee and Reid halls.

If the Board of Trustees approve the proposal, construction of the new 250-student residence hall is expected to begin in Fall 2013 and completed in Fall 2015, UF Housing Spokeswoman Sharon Blansett wrote in an email. Having planned the new addition for the past year and a half, Blansett said the board would review the funding proposal this summer.

She said the proposed design includes a mix of single- and double-occupancy suites and “Super Suite” style rooms, where six residents would share one to three bathrooms and a living room space. It will also have rooms equipped for students with disabilities.

“These features — having the [Disability Resource Center] nearby and providing additional ADA accommodations — will create opportunities to build a unique and supportive community on the UF campus,” she said.

Blansett said the purpose of the new building is to accommodate the demand from first-time college students and students who wish to move on campus.

To finance the project, the University Facilities, Planning and Construction department will use a bond sale that will be repaid by revenues from student rent, Blansett said.

Severin Walstad, president of the Inter-Residence Hall Association, said a new dorm is needed.

“There are some students who can’t even live on campus as freshmen,” the 21-year-old public relations senior said.

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