Chickenpox has infiltrated the Levin College of Law.

The college released a mass email to students Thursday, which stated that one student was diagnosed with the infection.

Richard Goldstein, associate director of communications for the college, said it took the advice of public health experts on the main campus to distribute the email.

With the contagiousness of the infection, students who are unsure if they’ve had chickenpox or the vaccine in the past can visit the Student Health Care Center for a lab test. The test provides evidence of immunity, said SHCC Marketing Coordinator Catherine Seemann.

She said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages college students to receive the vaccination.

The SHCC offers the vaccine, which is two doses taken at least 28 days apart, Seemann said.

“A lot of people say, ‘I don’t need the vaccine,’” she said. “The vaccine exists to prevent the illness from happening. Just because you haven’t had it, doesn’t mean you are immune.”

Seemann said the university does not require immunization for chickenpox, but it does recommend it on immunization forms for incoming students.

Diane Webb, registered nurse specialist at the SHCC, supplied the law college with information concerning the infection.

“We try to promote health and focus on prevention,” she said. “When you get chickenpox in college, it just isn’t fun.”

Webb said even Barbara Walters, who is now 83, currently has the chickenpox.

“Chickenpox does not discriminate,” she said.

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