Members of the Gamma Theta chapter of Delta Gamma at UF are making waves after creating a video last year that took jabs at other UF sororities.

The Delta Gamma executive offices in Columbus, Ohio, have conducted an internal review to hold the chapter and the members involved accountable, according to a press release.

But the Delta Gamma executive offices would not release the names of the members involved in the video, the release date of the video or the nature of any potential punishments for the members of the UF chapter involved in the video.

Members of the UF Greek community have identified three of the girls who appear in the video as Student Government Supervisor of Elections Ariana Alfonso, former Miss UF and American Idol contestant Brooke Helvie and UF junior Ani Sanchez.

The video was a parody of the song “I’m on a Boat” by The Lonely Island. It is no longer available on YouTube. The link now reads, "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Delta Gamma Fraternity."

In the video, the three members of Delta Gamma replace the lyrics of the song with references to other UF sororities, including Kappa Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha, Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi and Alpha Delta Pi. The video shows the women dancing in front of different sorority houses.

“I’m on a boat, and it’s going fast, and I got a nautical-themed metallic headband,” they sang.

“We’re the queens of the row, so fuck you hatas, and if you ain’t that cute, then you probably went Zeta."

A thread on the online forum Greek Chat included comments about the video. One poster, Barbie's_Rush, said, "Not exactly the image Brooke projected when she was on american idol."

Jamie Dollinger, who served as president of the Panhellenic Council from January 2009 to January 2010, said she watched the video in December. When she watched it, Nicole Brakovich was president. 

The video was taken down because it was offensive to other women in the community, Dollinger said.

Alfonso declined to comment.

Student Body President Jordan Johnson said Alfonso’s role in SG will not be affected by her involvement in the video.

He said she has done a fantastic job as supervisor of elections.

“I have no doubt in Ariana’s abilities,” Johnson said.

Helvie did not return phone calls or an e-mail.

Heather Hare, president of Delta Gamma’s UF chapter, did not return several phone calls and text messages.

Brakovich did not respond to several phone calls and an e-mail.

Abby Myette, program coordinator of the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Affairs, declined to comment.

Jack Causseaux, associate director of the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Affairs, declined to comment.

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Le Rouge

Does anyone give a frak? And yeah, Barbie's_Rush it wasn't the "image Brooke projected when she was on american idol," Did it seem like she was crying the entire time?


What's funny about this article is the Alligator wetting their pants over the chance to take down a top-tier sorority. You made it very clear no one would comment negatively about Delta Gamma. Surprised?

The Alligator has become a sad tabloid made up of GDIs and loser sorority girls.

The video was hilarious and excellently done.


The video is stupid because respect needs to be shown to members of other sororities. All of the sororities have pretty girls along with some unattractive ones. The fact that those particular girls didn't have better things to do with their time is the sad part.


like omg. totally. frak.
i agree.
what is sad is that you choose to use the time and resources to create this kind of garbage.
should destroy any remaining bits of the myth that "greeks" (do any of them know anything about Greece, actually?) care about anyone but themselves.
when are colleges going to let this antiquated fudge nugget plop, once and for all?
we have all been sick of you and your narcisisstic little culture for awhile.


i registered on this site just to post on this article...when sororities get together during spirit week, rush, etc...all the girls sit around do funny skits among other matter what sorority you're talking about...every sorority talks about the other sororities and acts like theirs is the do fraternities...but its nothing mean-hearted and nothing serious...and it probably happens a lot less and insignificantly than GDI's like the members of the alligator staff want to think...what people dont know is that the girls in that video are friends with numerous girls in other sororities and don't hate on them at all...and that the video was simply made to be seen by the girls of delta gamma and get a laugh from its members...ive heard from numerous girls in other sororities (ones that are sane enough to realize delta gamma isn't serious about anything in the video) say that the video is really funny...and it is really funny and well instead of acting like you're a 50 year old grandma, take a step back and realize that in the end this was a funny video that members of a sorority made for each other to laugh at, that just happened to get out because when stuff is really funny that tends to happen...and that its absolutely ridiculous that these girls would receive the punishments they're receiving, and then have the school paper make them look even worse...then again thats all the alligator ever really seems intent on doing...instead of telling this girls they "didn't have better things to do with their time" (G8ergirl11) maybe you should go get a sense of humor or just stop being lame and making stereotypes about greeks

speaking of stereotypes...gdi's and everyone at the alligator are terrible

applejack ur my boy


What a joke...are you serious? This actually gets posted as legit "news" cause some sorority girl made fun of another sorority? This absolutely shames me to be a Gator when I see stuff like this. I used to go to Penn State before I came here for grad school and we all partied and had good times but never would you see garbage like this posted in our school paper. Do you realize how dumb this makes our school look? UF already has a bad reputation up north as being a dumb school, and then stories like this come up that set back all the people doing research and trying to make a good name for our students. Is our school that bad that we all have cliquey little girls running around who all think they are better than everyone else? This looks like promotion for these people and I pity whoever brings our school down by allowing the Greek community to advertise this little girl drama in our "news" paper.


There is nothing wrong with discussing peoples behavior, that are members of large social clubs at our University. Greeks should stop blaming the alligator! It has the right of free speech and can discuss anything. The alligator doesn't make you people mess up all the time lol. You people are weird and think you can do anything. If your clubs are so good and wonderful, why are you so secretive and elitist? Nobody keeps a good thing a secret.

These clubs should be shut down. Nobody except the brainwashed immature children that are members of them think they are good. Just a bunch of lose cannons , that do nothing but encourage degenerate behavior...


I just wonder what are the racial percentages of these organizations? I bet 90% white... Says alot about diversity at UF...


id love to meet you gville123 i bet you're a hoot


It's sweet that you are concerned with my sense of humor, which is in great shape thank you. My past times don't usually involved bashing other girls but I guess it's because I have "better things to do." I was once a part of Greek life but chose to no longer partake in it. I do agree that the alligator should have better things to write about. However, with this being what they chose as "newsworthy," I chose to comment on it, as did you. So if that video was your idea of a fun, cute and a well- spent moment of someone's time then that's fine. I'll maintain, with my lack of personality of course, that it was juvenile and exactly why the Greek community has a stigma that I didn't enjoy when I was a a part of it.


hater you would pass out from my mere presence...


I thought the video was funny. It was clearly a joke, and anyone with hurt feelings needs to grow up.

And I love the neverending irony of people who aren't part of the Greek system spending any time at all talking about how law being Greek is. Often they fall in one of two categories: 1) They tried to join a frat/sorority and failed; or 2) They knew from jumpstreet that they wouldn't make it, so they bragged to their friends that they wouldn't "be paying for friends."

The majority of non-Greeks, like myself, don't care enough to bash or praise the community. I have plenty of friends and acquantances that are Greek. Some are aweosome, others are d-bags. Went I think about it, they are just like my non-Greek friends and acquantances, some cool some d-bags.

This version of the Alligator staff is the worst yet. I see the ads every semester for new blood. I hope, for the sake of the paper, that next semester some quality reporters/writers apply. If not the Alligator will continue to spiral. This isn't news, and the majority doesn't care. If you aren't going to dedicate page space to fund-raising and humanitarian projects undertaken by Greeks please don't waste space gloating when they get in trouble, especially over something as arbitrary as this.

Moose out.


Typo: "law" should have been "lame." My bad.


Listen I think it's not right that those 3 particular girls got sold out like that. I didn't see the video so I can't make a comment about it. Were all human no one in this world is perfect. I bet everyone has done something in their life that they are not necessarily proud of. It angers me when people overreact to things to like this when there are more tragic events in the world like the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.

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